Would you take a non NP job if you couldn't find one you liked/wanted?


I've been out of school 6 months. I have been on a few interviews and even had three offers but had to turn them down b/c I didn't really like any of the opportunities. One of the guys was just a jerk (he was very confrontational about my educational choices), and I ended the interview (politely) and walked out, and I can't believe he offered me the job, lol. When he called, I said, "You're kidding?" Anyway, I am just continuing to look for something that is the right fit, but I am just not finding anything. I'm not in any hurry except that I don't want some gap on my CV to become a problem in itself. The job is going to be stressful enough as a new practitioner without being in a place I don't want to be!

In the meantime, another colleague has asked me if I want to teach a BSN physical assessment course. WTH, I don't have anything else to do this fall, lol. What do you think? Does it help or hurt me do something now that is not a practitioner position? Is it looking bad for me that I am taking so long to take a position? Should I take a job I don't really want just to get some experience? How long is too long? If it isn't a problem, I'll go teach physical assessment and keep waiting for just the right situation.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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I waited. Got deployed for the first six months, right after graduation and used the down time in the desert to study. I came back home, studied another 90 days, tested and started the job hunt.

I was given my choice of pain clinics (no thanks) and finally got a bite from a mom and pop urgent care center. Knowing there were not a lot of job opportunities for part-time, I made the admin there an offer he could not refuse. That I would work for a few weeks and volunteer my time, after that he could decide to hire me, or simply give thanks for the time I gave, and I'd be on my merry way. That was two years ago. He hired me after my first four hours.

Just goes to show you, offer more than your foot...they'll bite.


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here's my story. after i finished fnp, i saw an ad for a clinical instructor back at my old community college. went for the interview & was hired on the spot teaching full time at the adn program i graduated from. that was 10 years ago!!!!, am still teaching 1/2 time at the bsn program, and work part time in familypractice & urgent care. take the teaching job, you never know what leads you might get, who you might meet!!! here's what i was told, : "if you like teaching, you stay. if you don't, you walk away." it will give you something to do while you wait for the right job. the faculty may be able to help you make a connection, networking may come in handy and you could get more references. i taught physical assessment for 5 years in a row, it was such a fun class to teach. let me know if you do decide to teach, you can pm me.

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Thanks for your feedback. That is kind of what I was thinking too. My husband was getting worried that I would become unemployable after a time, and it was beginning to rub off on me. I told him it would look worse if I took a job and quit in 6 months.

Frankly, a lot less time would be wasted if people would advertise what it is they really want! You get there and they tell you, "Yes it is part time now, but if we like you we want it to move to FT" or "It will move to FT in 6 months," etc. If I wanted a FT job 'd be looking for one! Honesty should go both ways in the job advertisement/search process IMO.

/end rant


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sorry, but i was taught to "fight the way you train". it’s impossible to train one way and save all of that skill and knowledge for the “big day” and act in a completely different manner. you trained to be a np – now go be one!! i have moved many times for my job, for my wife’s job and no again for my job. if the 10 mile radius isn’t popping up new jobs – look outside of your local box. a friend is spending the summer in the caribbean because it made financial since and got everyone a summer vacation. teach assessment – or go work – you decide.

oh, maybe find a teaching job that has a union – then you’ll never have to do anything again; let obama (read my tax dollar) fund the whole thing.

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I don't have any idea at all what that last section means, but thanks for your thoughts.


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I'm a new Psych NP. I have had several job offers and weighed my options regarding which position to take. I did teaching before and after graduation as well before my certification. However, I talked to some of the professors who are nurse practitioners who said that they would not be able to renew their NP license without having a certain amount of clinical hours working as an NP. They were forced to get a part-time NP position in addition to their full-time teaching position to get their clinical hours and to survive financially. I decided to look for work as a an NP and not teach anymore right now. Even if I do not get my "dream job" I will get experience as an NP and will be more employable in in the future if I decide to change jobs. I worked too hard for this license and do not want it to lapse due to insufficient clinical hours/experience. Also, you will find a disparity between the pay of a nursing instructor and ARNP. As much as I love teaching, it is not fair to my family to accept a lesser paying position when I have the potential to make a lot more money.

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My earnings are my mad money, and do not contribute to the family budget, so salary is not at issue. Experience, as you mention, is my concern. I will eventually take a NP job, but I don't want to take just any NP job. I want primary care, and cant find it-believe it or not! Endo clinic, neuro clinic, vascular clinic, derm and pain clinics all advertising right now. :( Also, I do NOT want full time, and those positions are all FT. The positions I did inquire about were advertised as PT, but in reality they wanted someone FT. All I really want to do is primary care in a family practice 2 days a week. I don't need benefits and I don't need to make a ton of money. this should not be a difficult bill to fill! Since the dream job with Marcus WElby isn't materilizing, I think I'll do some teaching. I'm getting bored. I will just have to wait and see what pans out. Thanks for your input.

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You need to seek out a practice. If money is not an issue, then they'll bring you on. Advertise yourself as a relief for the more acute complaints, cough cold flu, aches, swelling, uti, etc. As well, have you looked at minute clinic?

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That kind of work doesn't interest me. I want a family practice in which I can build relationships with people over time.

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I see several C's behind your name, you must have liked it at some point. Get your foot in the door, then you can build those relationships.

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If you are only working 2 days/week, how do you expect to build relationships?