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Would you refuse to care for a COVID-19 patient?

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Would you refuse to care for a COVID-19 patient?

  1. 1. Would you refuse to care a COVID-19 patient?

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      I would refuse if I didn't have an N95 respirator
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      I would refuse if I didn't have at least a surgical mask
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      I would never refuse, it's my job
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      I would refuse for other reasons

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There has been a lot in the news about nurses having to work with Covid-19 patients without having the proper PPE. What are your thoughts on this? Would you care for a patient if you didn't have the appropriate PPE?

It would depend on what I fear most, no income, or getting ill and dying. For me, with my risk factors, getting ill would probably mean death. Don't really think it is worth it. After all, what do I do all the time when I am unemployed? Only difference is that I could face a certain type of blacklisting that might take place for those who quit their jobs over this. I truly anticipate this blacklisting to take place, clandestinely or not.

mmc51264, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

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I would hope that I would not be asked to care for someone without the proper PPE.

I live in an area with a lot of different hospitals and all the nurses are sharing information. What is frightening is one icu actually ramped up ppe to p100 masks while others only offer droplet mask and face shield. If I have to work with covid patients, I would want to go where the personal protection is greatest, even if the commute is longer. In this age of the internet It’s practically impossible for administration to keep us uninformed.

Personally I will weigh the options when the time comes for me to take care of covid patients. I work at the worst hospital (yes, the droplet mask and face shield). My hospital also has displaced Or nurses roaming the halls and reporting any associate seen wearing a mask. Management will then come and walk them out for the day.

Other area hospitals are requiring paper mask to be worn at all times, everywhere in the hospital, since associates have to get within 6 feet of each other in the course of work.

It’s crazy how different they are all in the same metro area.

I am retired. Although I am not in the workforce I feel for my colleagues. I am making masks for my community hospital and nursing home. Because I am considered at risk I would not re-enter the workforce. If I did I would not care for close iij vents with CO-19 without PPE and training. Please Be Careful.

OUxPhys, BSN, RN

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The only way I would refuse is if I did not have adequate PPE.

I would only refuse care if I was expected to work without PPE. So far we are sterilizing used N95s and goggles so I pray we will have everything we need. We also need nurses and for every nurse that gets sick that is a lot of patients that may go without care.