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OUxPhys has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiology.

Cardiac Stepdown, Navy Vet.

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  1. OUxPhys

    NEVER do an ABSN

    I did a ABSN program and did fine. Sure it's busy but that's expected.
  2. Who cares, do what makes you happy. There are plenty of old professors who think everyone should start out on a med surg floor. I was interested in OR when I was in school. Unfortunately the only OR rotation I got was watching a 2.5 hour knee replacement, yet I had to sit through OB and peds for months.
  3. OUxPhys

    Gender discrimination in pay

    That's great to hear but perhaps you should have investigated this first before screaming gender discrimination.
  4. OUxPhys

    Vet contemplating federal employment. HELP!!!

    Probably not. You can technically retire after you have been there 5 years. I guess it depends what you want more: making money doing traveling or to have a good retirement.
  5. OUxPhys

    Nurse Practitioner Role at VA

    Im not an NP but I work with some. I work on a cardiology floor. The two cardiac NP's usually handle the post caths, post ablations, post PPM/ICD's, med loads. I came from a hospital that used Epic. Now I love epic but the VA uses the EMR it created in the early 90's. It's fairly simple to use and I gotta admit I really don't miss the flowsheet style of Epic. The VA will eventually switch to Cerner but it will be a long time before the whole VA is on it. In regards to pay I got a fairly large pay raise coming from a private sector hospital. I think NP pay is competitive compared to other hospitals in the area. I know Nurse 3's in my city make well over $100k and coast of living is not expensive either. Retirement is still better than most private sector. It's composed of SS, pension, and the government's version of a 403b called TSP. You can also retire with your medical insurance as long as its been the same the last 5 years. Unfortunately I am new to the VA (34 and been here 2.5 years) so I don't really know how to explain the payout in retirement. I do know though that after 5 years you are considered vested.
  6. OUxPhys

    Vet contemplating federal employment. HELP!!!

    Where in the government are you looking to work? USAjobs.gov is the website for current government openings. You can buy back your time once you get hired. HR will have all the documents needed to do that.
  7. OUxPhys

    Working Weekends: How often? Seniority based?

    Depends. Old job was the more seniority you had the less weekends/holidays you had to work. Current job it's every other weekend regardless of seniority. However, I will say the shift diff is much better at current job than my old job so most don't mind working weekends.
  8. OUxPhys

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    My floor is still the covid unit. It was the cardiac floor (and really the only specialty unit in the hospital that wasn't an ICU). As a result some of us are taking care of cardiac pt's on one of the gen med floors but there is no cardiology team anymore. If they need to see cardiology then a consult is placed and a fellow and attending see them. The primary team is gen med (which is a huge pain).
  9. This. THIS. I got blasted in an older post because I said the old guard still runs things how it was when they were floor nurses and hasn't conformed to the new way things are done. OB and peds should not be a required rotation. It is a specialty. Students should have the option pick what specialties they are interested in for the remainder of their clinical hours. They have to accept that new grads can start anywhere now. You do not have to go to a med/surg floor first.
  10. Good. This should have been implemented long ago. I am noticing more places in my state are advertising that starting on this date masks are required for everyone.
  11. As of right now first dibs on vacations. That's really about it at the moment. I suppose you could try a yearly bonus or raise. I know at my last job we did tiers of seniority. Those in the top tier (most senior) didn't have to work weekends and I think their holiday requirement was minimal. They also didn't have to float to a different floor/unit (which is pretty sweet tbh).
  12. OUxPhys

    VA Case Management

    I will say it's an adjustment. I work at the VA and have been there for 2.5 years and it still frustrates me to no end why they do some of the things they do and the refusal to change. Overall though I do like my job (currently work the floor) and for the most part enjoy the pt's. If you feel like you are getting short changed you can appeal the board's recommendation but that also takes time.
  13. OUxPhys

    Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    What is your position now? Are you a regular nurse in the department? Would the supervisor position be above the manager in terms of hierarchy? Just trying to get a better picture before offering my two cents.
  14. It's a real thing. My uncle's mother, who is in her mid to late 80's?, is experiencing this. He husband has been gone probably 10 years now but she is at the point where she is giving up. She stopped eating. My aunt and uncle are now looking into hospice for her. It's really sad because she is a very nice old lady and this has pretty much done it for her.
  15. OUxPhys

    Taking Vacations

    What this poster said haha. I can take two weeks off back to back but now instead of 22 days off it's more like 18.
  16. OUxPhys

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    So for those saying just read the chart why don't we do that for every area? Why should the ER only get that privelege? When Im busy id love to tell cath lab or one of the medicine floors "In slammed over here, just read the chart in the room".

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