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OUxPhys has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiology.

Cardiac Stepdown, Navy Vet.

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  1. OUxPhys

    Cleveland Clinic VS University Hospital

    I will send a PM.
  2. OUxPhys

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    That's true but let's not act like it's just men who are like this. That was my point.
  3. OUxPhys

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    And that's perfectly fine! I dont baby pts like some nurses do and I think that gets misconstrued as not having compassion and empathy and that's simply not true. I will say though when pts and pt family members start crying I usually dont know what to say or do but it doesn't mean I dont care ya know?
  4. OUxPhys

    Career change?

    That's great. If you want to be a physical therapy assistant you'll need to get an associates degree. Most community colleges have programs. Yeah, it sucks and makes no sense that hospitals require only a bachelors degree nowadays. Most hospitals will pay for your BSN but I get it not wanting to spend money on it. I am not pursuing a masters right now because I simply dont want to pay for it.
  5. OUxPhys

    Med/surg or Telemetry Nursing

    It depends. The VA hospital I work at the nursing supervisors do whatever they want even though we are supposed to be a higher level of care (PCU/Stepdown). We get all cardiology and cardiothoracic pt's and pts for r/o ACS and new arrhythmia. Usually on day shift we have 5-6 RNs and night shift usually 4-5 RNs with the occasional 6 RNs. My ward is a 24 bed ward. Like most hospitals it goes by census and not acuity. Unlike most hospitals the VA does not have a sufficient float pool so usually night shift RNs are getting floated or sometimes a day shift RN will get mandated for 4 hours. As for the medicine floors its similar but sometimes it is much worse. The medicine floors usually have 32-36 beds so they may have more RNs but the ratios are not better. They get everything: cancer, withdrawal, your run of the mill internal medicine stuff. Some medicine floors have tele but they can't do anything (push meds, etc). There is a surgical floor that get all the other surgery pts outside of CT surgery. Im not sure what their ratios are but they get a lot of PCA pumps.
  6. OUxPhys

    Career change?

    To me nursing is such a huge field that you dont necessarily have to leave nursing to find a better job. Do you work the floor/unit? I feel like most people who want to leave nursing is because they work at the bedside. Hey Im right there with you. Im looking for something less stressful. If I had to do it again I would have done something like CT scan/MRI or gone into a trade. You could look at working for a device/equipment company or a pharmaceutical sales company.
  7. OUxPhys

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    I think for a majority of men in 2019 nursing is still considered to be a feminine field but every time we have clinicals on our floor Id say a quarter of them are men, so we are slowly increasing in numbers haha. I also think nursing is not promoted as a career option for men because of old stereotypes and beliefs. I also think most people still dont understand what we do and what we are responsible for. I think a majority think we just wipe butts and give bed baths and that simply is not true. When I say Im a nurse the reaction I get from most people is positive. A lot of them say they need more men in nursing. I will say the one stereotype that bothers me is that men aren't as caring or comforting but all female nurses are. I can say in my 4 years I have seen plenty of female nurses who lack that.
  8. OUxPhys

    Sorry nursing

    Sad but true. Im just buying my time until a sweet outpatient or procedural gig opens up.
  9. OUxPhys

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    Im a millennial. I can tell you some are true. Yeah, most of us are not pursuing a master's degree because of the outrageous cost of college. Unless they are trying to become an advanced practice nurse or into management what is the point? Most places will not give you a raise for getting your master's while working bedside. As for being lazy I work with several nurses who have 30 years at the bedside. They can be just as lazy if not more lazy than a millennial. I appreciate the OP defending us millennial's but anyone with a brain can see it's just one generation doing what generations have been doing for decades.
  10. OUxPhys

    The Employee Survey That Left Me Hanging

    These surveys are never about "changes" or "hearing your voice". They know exactly what they have to do but will continue to not do it. It's a joke, just like getting Magnet status will make nurses have more say in what happens. It doesn't. I worked at a Magnet facility and upper management still did what they wanted.
  11. OUxPhys

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    No, it is bias because it only applies to the male nurse. When it’s applied for one gender but not the other it is bias/discrimination. Im glad you do it with both genders and I agree 100% with the rest of your post!
  12. OUxPhys

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    This is the hospital covering their behind in case something were to happen. It is discrimination and I can only imagine the backlash had the same policy been implemented to women. You do bring up an excellent point: if they can do it on other floors and if no female patients have complained why is it an issue?
  13. OUxPhys

    R.N. debating to pursue BSN

    If you want to work at a magnet facility then yes, you should get your BSN. Hospitals in my area still hire ADN's but they use to give you 5 years to get your BSN.....now the rumor is they will give you 3 years (they will pay of course) and if you don't get it you risk being terminated. If the facility offers some form of reimbursement or pays for the whole thing then go ahead and get it.
  14. OUxPhys

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    First, either you are a male or you aren't. I don't understand the "identify as a male nurse". I was 1 of 10 males in my nursing program. In my opinion they want more male nurses because patients are getting heavier. I do notice that the male nurses are called for everything: getting a patient up, turning, transporting, unruly patient, etc. There are some meme's out there that while they are funny they are also pretty accurate. I believe men were discouraged from going into nursing because for the longest time if you were a male and you went into nursing you were considered, how do I say it gently, "not masculine". In my experience that seems to be the complete opposite. I will say though Ive never been asked "why not become a doctor?" but I have been asked a-lot if I plan on becoming a NP (which I do not). Regarding OB, Im 100% fine with not being given the same access that female nurses are awarded. I told my OB rotation instructor I am here to get my C so I can move on. When I did have a female OB patient that allowed care I had a female nursing student or the instructor with me at all times, especially in the times we live in today. Does being a male hinder their career? I don't think it does. If anything I think it accelerates it. Let's be honest, male nurses are treated differently than female nurses. I heard it all the time from my female co-workers. Some doctors talked to and treated male nurses better than female nurses. I think men in nursing will continue to grow but I don't think it will ever be a male dominated field like physicians (although there continue to be more women in medicine, which is a good thing).
  15. OUxPhys

    What's Happening at the VA Hospitals?

    It wouldn't be government ran like the VA, it means it would be funded by the government. You would still go to large private sector hospitals but instead of insurance paying for it the government would. As a nurse I would like to see away with the insurance companies but at the same time I also dont trust the government. I also dont want a large tax increase.
  16. OUxPhys

    The Trouble with Work-Life Balance in Nursing

    I take vacation every couple of months. I have to. If not I will lose my mind. Ive only ever called in once and that was when I had a ridiculous schedule (That I did not schedule myself for). The problem though is I feel like my facility punishes or discourages the calling off.