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OUxPhys has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiology.

Cardiac Stepdown, Navy Vet.

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  1. OUxPhys

    Sneaky Administration

    Gen med doctors (administrators) tried to take cardiology pt's and say cardiology should be consult only. That was a huge failure. When covid first hit we were the floor tasked with taking covid pts because we were right next to the ICU. Well eventually they decided our floor wasn't coming back so they have us mixed with MS. It's horrible and everyone is leaving including myself.
  2. OUxPhys

    When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    If they increase pay and staffing. Since that won't happen this will be the new vicious cycle. Hospitals have realized it is cheaper to keep hiring and training new grads than to pay senior, experienced staff.
  3. OUxPhys

    Future Nurse with a Purpose

    Horrible working conditions. Being held responsible for people's mistakes that went through much more schooling and will be making much more money than me. Short staffing. Profits over anything else. I went into nursing because it's a stable career field and it can pay well. So many possibilities: if you don't like one area you can move onto another. That whole "Nursing is a passion" or "Nursing is a calling" is a bunch of BS.
  4. OUxPhys

    How Has Covid Affected Your Job as a Nurse?

    My goodness we just might LOL
  5. OUxPhys

    What I Hate About Nursing In 2021

    I hate the mask thing too but at this point most people wear the mask while in a pt room or walking the hallways. If at a computer most pull the mask down. Everything else is pretty much spot on.
  6. OUxPhys

    Sneaky Administration

    Using COVID as an excuse to close our floor and having a group of doctors (administrators) attempt a power grab (ultimately it failed).
  7. OUxPhys

    New Cath Lab RN

    I will check them out. Thanks!
  8. OUxPhys

    More pay or better ratios?

    For me, better ratios. Then I would get in shape and start an OnlyFans page as a side hustle (I don't know if they are as popular with males though).
  9. OUxPhys

    Bad shift after bad shift

    And hospital administration can't understand why people don't want to work the bedside anymore. They have made it so toxic.
  10. Don't take it personally. No matter how much time and effort you put into the assignment there will always be one person who isn't happy. If they truly are unhappy then I say "Fine. Change it". When other people complain I just say "Well I had it this way but so and so decided to change it".
  11. OUxPhys

    New Cath Lab RN

    Hello all! I see this topic posted alot but Im going to post it as well. I accepted a position in our cath lab. I have stepdown/PCU experience but no ICU experience. The hospital I work at is government so it's pt population is limited. The manager and ANM basically said this is the time where they can really train a new RN to cath lab. Anywho. I've seen Kern's book as a resource to read. Any others that you recommend? I will also eventually be trained in EP lab as well so any books on that area would be greatly appreciated.
  12. OUxPhys

    Patient ratios progressive care units

    Unfortunately I've never worked on a true stepdown or PCU. They all had it in their name but we never had the 1:3 ratio. 4 on dayshift was the goal but 5 happened alot. 4 was the goal on nights as well which almost never happened. Usually it was 5 with occasionally having 6....all the while being expected to manage the drips, post-caths with arterial lines while also being on a nitro drip. Both floors did not take vents. It sounds like your hospital is using that reasoning as a way out of having to pay more staff. It happens at alot of hospitals unless that hospital has a strong union. Most "stepdowns" or "PCUs" are glorified M/S tele floors.
  13. OUxPhys

    Nurses are underpaid

    If possible can you try travel nursing? Hospitals love to say they don't have money to give raises and whatnot but then when they need staffing the money magically becomes available to pay travel nurses.
  14. OUxPhys

    Nursing Staffing Post COVID Quagmire...

    This is happening at my hospital but mainly because of upper managements decisions and the unit level managers not really doing much for their nurses.
  15. OUxPhys

    How does your unit determine who floats?

    PRNs are first to float then it goes by a list. That is a very odd system. It sounds like you will be floating for a while.
  16. OUxPhys

    Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    I really like the idea of working 2 units. The mandatory ratio would be nice but for whatever reason nurses who get into upper management seem to forget where they came from and are more focused on making themselves look better so they can climb that next rung instead of making sure their colleagues have a safe working environment. I also think if hospitals paid nurses well for what they deal with on a daily basis you might see some drop in turnover. This past year we have seen hospitals pay for agency nurses. The whole "we don't have money" goes right out the window. Honestly nothing will change unless the culture changes. Right now nurses are being told to be more focused on customer service instead of taking care of the patient. You come to the hospital because you are sick. It is our job to be the advocate and to educate, not to get you food and be your personal servant. My last job was at a very well known hospital. For them it was cheaper in the long run to keep hiring new nurses so they didn't have to pay their senior nurses more. It's sad but true.