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  1. OUxPhys

    VA Hospital

    Does anyone work for the VA in Colorado? If so how do you like it? I work at another VA and have been thinking about a transfer.
  2. OUxPhys

    VA Hospitals

    Hello! Does anyone work at any of the VA hospitals in CA? If so how so you like? How is pay compared to the cost of living?
  3. Does anyone know if the VA hospitals in CA use the ratio rule?
  4. OUxPhys

    Interested in becoming a CM

    Hello! I have 3.5 years experience as a cardiac nurse and eventually I would like a change of scenery. I know I don't want to move on to ICU or advanced practice. Case management interests me. Can you give some insight as to what you do, if you need any prior CM experience when applying, a grad degree, etc?
  5. OUxPhys

    VA Nurse II Proficiency Assistance

    I am also interested in this. I was started as a level 1 step 3 despite having the years and BSN as well as charge duties, preceptor, committees at my other job.
  6. OUxPhys

    CMC and/or CSC?

    Both would help you, imo. Cant hurt to get both!
  7. OUxPhys

    Which route to go?

    CVICU is your post open hearts (Bypass, valves, aortic grafts, etc). CCU/CICU is still medically managed and minimally invasive pts (think drips, arrhythmias, post-cash STEMIs, balloon pumps, heart failure, etc). It really depends what you are interested in. Do you like the current pt population on your floor? Go CCU/CICU. If you want to learn a different area of cardiac nursing go to CVICU. Either way, make sure you shadow a RN on each floor. Also, I would wait for your CCRN until you actually get into an ICU. If you are on a step-down get your PCCN. I started off on a cardiac step-down like yours. I originally wanted to move on to CICU or CVICU but ultimately Im trying to go in the direction of outpatient or a procedural area.