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OUxPhys has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiology.

Former cardiac stepdown/PCU RN; Current cath lab RN. Navy Vet.

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  1. I Left hospital nursing. What are you doing now?

    Still in the hospital but now in the cath/ep lab. Much less stress.
  2. True. My nursing school friend moved to Arizona last November and took a travel contract. They eventually started cutting travel pay so he took a travel contract back in Ohio because they still paid high contracts.
  3. I can see them freezing salaries or holding off on any pay raises while still paying agencies $150/hr for travel nurses all while claiming "there is no money", thus worsening the problem they helped create.
  4. Degree over Experience?

    Prior to covid most hospitals wanted BSN for the MAGNET certification. Now that has gone to the wayside. I hope they realized (although I don't have faith in the suits) the mistake they made requiring BSN only nurses. Perhaps MAGNET will change their...
  5. Interventional Radiology Nurse Specialty Pay

    I work at a VA cath lab and I am not aware of specialty pay. How much is it at your VA?
  6. VA Hospital Med-Surg vs Private Hospital Telemetry?

    I work VA and I make more than the private sector hospitals around me. The one downside to VA is that depending where your VA is at you may not get to see things very often that are seen everyday at a private sector hospital. The acuity is also proba...
  7. I still read the label before drawing or administering the med. Im just that paranoid.
  8. Low NP Salary for VA

    VA is notorious for lowballing. I know with RNs they can appeal, not sure about NPs. I do know though that initially they start out low but in the long run make really good money.
  9. VA - EDRP as a retaining tool?

    It's usually a recruiting tool but can also be used as a retention tool. Just about everyone has some form of college debt now so it's not unusual for hospitals to offer it as an incentive to stay or join. My VA offers it for new job postings and sev...
  10. This and the hospitals are also responsible with their obsession of obtaining magnet status and removing LPNs. This is all self-inflicted, not from lack of people entering the work force.
  11. How do you VA hospitals compared to civilian hospitals?

    The problem at my facility is that the only union there is AFGE and as you stated they do a better job of retaining less than stellar employees more than anything. However I was surprised to find that some VAs have both the AFGE and ANA for nurses (A...
  12. Offensive Raise Structure

    I worked for a well known hospital and they determined it was better financially to keep hiring new grads than to pay people who stayed longer. And people wonder why us millenials keep job hopping.
  13. Need Your Advice: OR or ICU Ltac

    You will get a much longer orientation (more like a residency) in the OR as well as a much better work/life balance. LTAC....there is a reason why the money is better. Much higher workload/stress.
  14. VA offering me RN 1 but I have BSN??

    You do get cost of living increases and then any other raise if Congress/President approves it.
  15. New specialty bullying?

    Yet every ER hires new grads now LOL. Same with the ICUs. I've met my fair share of ER and ICU nurses who were less than stellar yet had the gall to call out someone else. You are right though. Those nurses tend to leave and not last because they are...