Would you pass the 1920 NCLEX?

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We are downsizing and I am going through my nursing history collection and found this 1920 textbook "State Board Questions and Answers for Nurses".  There are chapters on Materia Medica and Therapeutics (Pharmacology), Anatomy, Physiology, General Nursing and Contagious Diseases etc. I have scanned some pages below for your enjoyment. 

(Please forgive me the orientation of the photographs. I have rotated the scans, saved and tried several times to get them easier to read. I just can't seem to get them right).






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While I should have been doing more sorting of books yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time re reading what an RN was expected to know and practice 100 years ago!


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Would have failed on question "What are the advantages of a fireplace"  as no experience with them until 30 yrs into career. LOL.

Despite Respiratory nursing 25+ yrs, had to lookup amount of oxygen in expired air as 21% stuck in my brain. ...



During recent move, had to rescue several nursing texts from my sons hands  "book is over 5 years old, outdated and you haven't read it in years."

One was nursing textbook from 1925, others from early 80's + classics;  Whaley & Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children ~1980 coming to Summer camp position this year.


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I'm trying to wrap my head around this... What does it even mean?

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Loved this❤️, would I have passed, back then most likely yes, if you throw those type questions at us nowadays uhhhhh, I would like to think so😜


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I say we bring back fireplaces and sunlight in the hospital setting!  May not have curative properties, but will definitely improve your state of mind.

Also interesting to note that some tenets haven't changed.  There's that whole section about preventing abscess by disinfecting the syringe and the skin. 



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1 hour ago, CommunityRNBSN said:

I say we bring back fireplaces and sunlight in the hospital setting!

I worked at a hospital in the 1980s that expanded from a central core. One of the wings still had the fireplaces. 


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Not sure I would have passed, but I loved reading through, thanks for sharing!