Would you help out at a hospital as a nursing student?

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The hospital in my town has given nursing students the opportunity to assist with COVID-19 screening and other duties. I am interested in helping out and gaining experience during this time, but have my reservations because I don't want to chance it and bring it around my family.

To all nursing students and RNs, do you think this is a good opportunity and is this something you would personally do?




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Of course by doing this you would greatly increase your chances of being exposed. You may very well be exposed even if you don't help out and could also have already been exposed and are asymptomatic. I am a RN and work on a meg surg unit. I imagine I will end up caring for coronavirus patients, it is just a matter of time.I personally feel a moral obligation as a nurse to do whatever I can to help, so to answer your question, yes I would do it.

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It’s likely you’ll be in this position more than once as a nurse. We take care of patients with infectious diseases all the time. SARS 1, Ebola, and now SARS2. It will be good experience as long as you are diligent with PPE and are rigorous with hand cleansing. Of course it can be very difficult to be that rigorous. Why don’t you go for the training and see what you think? Ask a lot of questions. Then make your decision.



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Coming from working when AIDS was new and no one knew anything about it. I'd help out in a heartbeat.


harvestmoon, RN

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Not without health insurance. I would only do it on a limited basis, ensure any sickness would not preclude my graduation from school, and with appropriate PPE.


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If you don’t have elderly parents at home, and you have health insurance, heck yes. I would’ve loved to do something like this as a nursing student. It’s an awesome time to be a new grad or student !