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  1. harvestmoon

    NA vs RN job offers

    I have only had my license for 6 days so far 🙂 so I'm not terribly worried about time yet, but yeah, that is in the back of my head. I do live in the states but prefer to commute by bike to decrease my carbon footprint (and waistline :)). There are brand new RNs working as NAs in hospitals here, known to the organization (as they are seeking jobs internally as RNs) and if I take the NA job I will probably do the same when I'm within a month or so of getting my BSN. I am continuing to look for RN jobs within a 100-mile radius but the pickings are really slim. I have heard reports of 300 applications for newgrad RN positions when they open).
  2. harvestmoon

    NA vs RN job offers

    Yes, I have read that here but when COVID hit our state our instructors told us to expect to work as NAs until the market opened up. I will check the nurse practice act to be certain though. I do have personal knowledge of other RNs working as NAs (known to the organization as they are trying to transfer internally to RN positions (and so far the jobs have not been there so they are still working as NAs)).
  3. Is nursing a stressful job? Should I go for it or no

  4. harvestmoon

    NA vs RN job offers

    So, I"m an old new grad (will be 60 this year) and am contemplating 2 job offers. I have ADN (attending WGU for BSN-expected May next year or earlier). I need to insure a 20, 18, and 24yo in addition to myself and my husband, possibly the 26yo but I think he has dropped off by now (and he lives in another country anyway). PreCOVID this was not a saturated area. Lots of RNs were furloughed in March but weeks to a month ago elective surgeries began up again and people are getting called back. I have heard through the grapevine that there are hundreds of applications for RN jobs now in this area. Job A: is as an NA about 7-10 miles from home (depending on which bike route I take), pay is mid 16s with shift differential on top of that, short stay med-surg and float, previous employer (so I know all the bennies), health insurance for the whole family (current providers), D/N rotating, 0.6. RNs are unionized and can't remember about NAs. Job B: is 82 miles away (one way) brand new medsurg unit, D/E (no nights), 0.5 but first 10-12 weeks are fulltime for orientation, health insurance providers may not cover the area we live in, pay is $35, RNs are not unionized. Parking is reported by HR and NM to be a real pain. Winter is a concern. They have offered $5-10K for relocation but I'm not sure I would do that. I'm actually leaning towards the NA job due to health insurance, ease of commute (Winter is no joke) and hope to wait out job openings closer. But in this climate (so many furloughs), and due to my age, I'm worried if I don't take an acute care opening I may not get the chance again.
  5. harvestmoon

    MN license post NCLEX

    So, on COVID MNBON seems to be just as speedy. Tested Friday at 0800 and had a license Monday morning.
  6. harvestmoon

    type of nurse?

    Took NCLEX 2 days ago. Looks like I'm an RN. Working as a nursing assistant and putting out resumes in COVID era, I'm not expecting a whole lot. Happy to have a job and insurance.
  7. harvestmoon

    Super Lost finding a Nursing School.. HELP!

    MN MANE schools do not require a CNA. I think MCTC does though. There is no in/out state tuition at the CC level. Compared to CA, MN is incredibly cheap in real estate (rental market in MSP is tough though). Good ratios (not as good as CA) for when you graduate and decent pay. Market during COVid isn;t great but it was good preCOVID. Admission is based off TEAS and GPA IIRC. MANE schools will dual admit you to BSN so you have that opportunity also. But Winter starts October/November and ends April (sometimes May). It sucks.
  8. so before I got into health care I was a sous. One day we were so understaffed that the VP of the hotel came down to the kitchen and told me he was at my disposal. He prepped, washed dishes, ran to dry storage and brought me stuff - I gained SO MUCH respect for that man that day. He had my complete loyalty until the executive chef one day tried to stab me (but that was neither here nor there). The kitchen became one that day and even the dishie was never in the weeds because line, prep, executive, me would all band together and job description did not matter. the food leaving the kitchen was the only thing that mattered. (then they hired a new executive and KM and it all went to hell) So, hell yes, I will do laundry, I will do what it takes to deliver patient care. HOwever, I do not become a doormat.
  9. harvestmoon

    Straight Into Mental Health Nursing?

    I can only speak to this part of your post, having taking the NCLEX yesterday and celebrating 60 years on the Earth in a few months.
  10. harvestmoon

    New Grad struggling to land hospital job!! Advice needed!

    I decided to work as an NA in Med Surg. I personally don't think working home health as a new grad RN is in my (or the patient's) best interests. I figure this gets my foot in the door and I have a better chance at RN jobs once they open up (our area was not saturated before COVID but has just started (2 weeks ago) decomissioning the COVID units and doing electives again.
  11. harvestmoon

    MN license post NCLEX

    Does anyone have any idea how long the BON takes to give the license after NCLEX?
  12. The fastest I've seen for WGU is 40 days and 3 months is the next fastest. Very encouraging, especially these days.
  13. This is no longer the case (WGU work 20hr/week).
  14. harvestmoon

    Difficulty landing hospital job as New Grad RN

    I just graduated also (from a MANE program) and our instructors told us to seriously consider working as nursing assistants until the RN jobs roll in. I don't know where in MN you are but there are some Twin City hospitals hiring - Fairview (UofM) has a number of nursing assistant jobs open - and Allina at United Hospital (yuck). Health Partners and HCMC seem to be in freezes right now but Regions everyonceandawhile will have something open. Every single TC hospital has furloughed experienced RNs but LTCs seem to be begging for RNs.
  15. harvestmoon

    type of nurse?

    thank you!
  16. harvestmoon

    type of nurse?

    update from May 2020, ADN achieved.

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