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  1. harvestmoon

    Secondary PTSD spread the word PLEASE!!!

    Yeah, dude, I"m sorry you're hurting but your message is likely lost on most of us reading because it hurts my brain to try to figure out WTH you are trying to say. Skimming it reads like, "they done me wrong" and lack of taking responsibility. At any rate, I hope you're getting help. PTSD may be a concern but you're not making a very effective spokesman. Good luck.
  2. SMA is going to be a LOT more expat friendly than Guanajuato but it will also be a lot more expensive (comparatively). It is a gorgeous town and the Bajito is beautiful country. It has grown a lot in the years since we were there - what do you know about Patzcuaro? Depending on how immersed in the culture you want to be, it might be a nice option (without the heat of the coasts). I think you are wise to stay away from Sonora and Coahuila, Zacatecas, SLP and Veracruz these days. I'm excited for you! If you can stand the heat, Merida is probably one of my favorite large towns - large expat community without taking over the town, amazing healthcare, close to CUN for cheap flights and good CoL.
  3. So, we lived in mexico from 2004 to 2015 but in order to have US bank accounts you need to establish a US address. There are a number of (or there were) businesses dedicated to this and the most popular are in SD and TX (due to lack of state taxes there). I have no idea of the RN licensing requirements WRT state residency so you might have to check your current state to see if that will carry. Additionally, as others have said, the travel company will likely have good info on state requirements. FWIW, when we lived in MX there was a lady who worked 3 mo at her home hospital, flew to MX and stayed there for a month or so (not sure how long). Not sure if that would be a possibility. She worked in the ER in her hospital. Sounds like a great "retirement". Also, where in MX are you thinking? (just curious) Oh, and it takes a while to become a permanent resident of MX. MY son, husband and daughter have it but I and my other daughter and other son do not. Weird. I would suggest temporary residency for a while (you will likely only qualifiy for permanent after 4 years of temporary anyway) as it gives you some protections that permanent does not. Course things change there, so that may be moot assivice.
  4. harvestmoon

    new nurse- NP or PA school?

    Have you considered CRNA or there is a specialty in nursing of being 1st something in surgery - I can't remember exactly - but you're doing the surgery along wiht the surgeon. It is a specialty within nursing and there are Fs and Ns in the certification. Sorry, that's what I remember. At any rate, both should have better hours and more handson stuff, more "medical" than "nursing" stuff. Or become a PA. I am thinking you're not going to be happy as an NP.
  5. harvestmoon

    My patient is now an employee in the office I treat her at

    I know this is an old thread but even in a large city, this has been very normal in the outpatient clinics I have worked (at least 5 of them). Most everyone working in the clinic sees either a PCP or lab rat or xray tech or NP or CNM or MD or DO or PA working there. It makes getting healthcare super easy and available - no need to take time off work for appointments.
  6. harvestmoon


    I was recently in Ft. Collins to scope out CSU for my daughter. We absolutely LOVED the town. However, housing is incredibly expensive. Food and grocery seemed normal cost.
  7. harvestmoon


    I have had MDs (actually the LPN started the ball rolling) write me a prescription and I filled it in the clinic pharmacy. Never saw the MD. I worked at the clinic and couldn't get an appointment to see my MD for a refill so I asked the LPN of an MD in the clinic I was working and had no problem getting the refill. YMMV. Never laid eyes on the MD
  8. How was the job situation? Was the market much less saturated and, therefore, you didn't have problems getting offers? I graduate next May (assuming all goes well) and am very concerned I'm going to be graduating into a saturated market (though not in my current city) into hiring freezes. My current midwest city is not saturated (from the jobs being posted and new nurses being hired (that I see with my own eyes, working in a hospital)) but I wonder if a recession will kill that. I am not quitting my current job (lab rat) just in case the recession hits hard next year but I'm looking for BTDT experience from those with sage advice.
  9. harvestmoon

    What was your favorite nursing job and why?

    @klone I would love to work in that same environment but I worry that in order to really have any choice in future work that I need that acute care component. Did you have acute (med/surg or whatever) before you worked at that job and did it limit your choices afterwards? I'm envisioning Planned Parenthood or something.
  10. harvestmoon

    My classmates using Test Banks in Nursing school

    color me in the "dunno what the big deal is" crowd. quizlet has a ton of Prepu quiz banks and i use that to do the majority of my studying as the rationale is what is most useful. i went to .org and .net and didn't see their samples to be better than prepu - in fact there were no rationales in the 2 i downloaded so i will stick with the quizlet ones - and i've also make my own.
  11. harvestmoon

    giving patient appointment info to interpreter

    thanks so much!
  12. harvestmoon

    giving patient appointment info to interpreter

    I can't figure out how to edit, so I found this in the older portions of this sub and think maybe I am wrong, that the interpreters can and should be given patient appointment information? (sorry interpreters, if this is true)... https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/faq/483/does-hipaa-permit-hospitals-to-inform-visitors-about-a-patients-location/index.html
  13. I am currently a nursing student but have been working as a lab rat (blood draws, EKGs) for a a year and a half now. i work in a clinic which sees a large immigrant population and interpreters are used for a good number of the patients i see. i have access to the charts of all the patients that come into the lab as i need to check people in (EPIC) and look for lab orders and sometimes I need to check provider's notes/encounters/old labs/etc. On occasion an interpreter will come to the lab and ask if a specific patient has checked in yet/is in the lab. i have always refused to tell them but my coworkers (who have worked there for decades) have no problem telling the interpreters if the patient they are meeting has an appointment and whether or not they have arrived. i figure that it is the interpreter's job to get this information from their dispatch and wait for their patient to arrive and, without specific instructions from their patient, no access to their appointment info from me will be forthcoming. my coworkers have not corrected me, so i am thinking my actions are correct, but i am wondering if i am inconveniencing the interpreters unnecessarily. what say you learned professionals?
  14. harvestmoon

    Male CNMW?

    I can speak from the patient's POV; I have had 3 homebirths with two different DEMs. I would have had a very hard time considering a male. I want female energy around me while birthing, I want female experience (having gone through the experience) and trust in the body's birthing process. I would find it incredibly difficult to find a man who would trust a woman enough to listen to her body. They must be out there, but they are few and far between.
  15. harvestmoon

    How much per semester did you nursing school cost?

    I've just started looking into this; $20/credit hour for pre-reqs at a CA CC and then $159/unit online from Rio something in AZ.

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