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permanent VA job after temporary


I am in the process of credentialing (new grad RN) for a 13-month RN outpatient (I believe) job at the VA hospital in MN.  I think I'm going to be working in their respiratory unit but I really don't know.  The job title seems to be "care manager"?? At any rate, it is benefit eligible, 13-months (per HR). The person I initially interviewed with seemed to think it would be possible to transfer to a permanent position once the temporary one ended.  Has anyone done that and/or have any advice?  This will be my first new grad job and I would really prefer to work in the hospital (I'm a NA at a non-VA hospital now) but have no problem working temporary for the VA for 1) RN experience, and 2) increased possibility of getting permanent hire.  I would view the temporary job pretty much like a job interview and make contacts anywhere I could.

tt2323, BSN

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That’s a very good question. It all depends on the VA. They could slide you into a RN slot afterwards and they may not. I encourage you to keep your eyes open for openings while you are working there and applying for them. I wouldn’t leave it up to HR. Communication with your nurse manager is important. They will be able to know if your position or you will be needed. GL!

thanks so much! I got fingerprinted yesterday, along with the physical exam so I'm thinking a start date is getting closer.  🙂