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tt2323 has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Primary Care/ Trauma.

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    Usajobs is the only way!
  2. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    Honestly I’m not sure how my commander pulled off getting a slot he must have had connections or something. 2 of us somehow ended up going.
  3. Hi tt2323,

    I have some questions about the 66S course. I’m scheduled to attend next year. 

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    2. Nurse_Boo

      Nurse_Boo, BSN, RN

      Thank you for responding @tt2323!

      I, personally, just commissioned right before Christmas. I am going in as 66S student and just wanted to know your experience on the class and the process through DCC and BOLC. I have been reading previous blog posts as much as a can but I know things change. However, I also have yet to see anyone post about the 66S/66T course itself or life after. I hear both AOC's are together then separated toward the end. 

      How rigorous is the program? Did you go straight from DCC to BOLC then right to your course? What type of things do you get to learn etc? How is the transition from the course to the unit?



      I would've sent this in a private message but the platform won't let me for some reason 

    3. tt2323

      tt2323, BSN

      Sorry for the late response! 

      Okay so I know very little about what comes first with DCC or BOLC. I’m a reservist so it was different for me. I do know my fellow classmates worked medsurg for a while prior to coming the the 66T/66S course.

      It is true the course is combined with over half of it classroom with the same curriculum. The clinicals is where you get split to either the ED or ICU. However both AOCs do spend time in the other settings.

      The classwork for me was extremelty difficult partially because I finished nursing school close to a decade prior to attending. Only 1 person failed out. I had attempted studying prior to the course but If I had to do it all again I would just take one week at a time because they test you on what they teach.

      The weeks were split up like cardiology x 2 weeks. Respiratory, endo etc. If felt like an advanced pathophysiology course. Outside of classroom time I studying well over 20hrs a week.

      Again I didn’t know folks that were brand new coming to this course. They were previous Arny Med surg nurses. If you need more help let me know! I have friend on AD I could get more details. You could always text me if easier!


    4. Nurse_Boo

      Nurse_Boo, BSN, RN

      Thank you so much @tt2323 !

      Yes I would like that. Are you able to send me a direct message? IDK why it won't let me message you. Maybe I haven't built up enough status in the blog but any help is appreciated including your AD connection. 

      Thanks again! 

  4. Security clearance

    Turned my fingerprints In for a DoD job about 3 months ago... still waiting.
  5. Veterans administration 72/80

    From the retirement standpoint the VA is 3 tier. So with less hours = decrease in TSP/% of match and your contributions. Lower high 3 salary number as well. Could be substantial but doesn’t seem to be too bad.
  6. Reserves

    Be sure to speak to an AMEDD recruiter. As someone above said a regular recruiter will try to scoop you up. From my experience in the reserves there is very little to no new nursing skills learned. You direct commission with the skills of an RN. GL!
  7. permanent VA job after temporary

    That’s a very good question. It all depends on the VA. They could slide you into a RN slot afterwards and they may not. I encourage you to keep your eyes open for openings while you are working there and applying for them. I wouldn’t leave it up to H...
  8. Officer promotion regarding prior service

    So I think your time in service is fine. What is your date of rank? I made CPT in OCT’15 and I’ll be below the zone this year. CPT to MAJ longer then 3 years. Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. How difficult is it to specialize in the Army?

    Lots of good info above! I was fortunate to attend the CC/EN course in 2018 as a reservist which is super rare. We had a class of 30 at the start. They have like 4 courses per year. Course was very difficult but I learned a ton. Goodluck!
  10. VA PACT RN vs Nurse Manager

    Long term PACT nurse here. Have to agree with djmatte the best candidate is who I’ve seen chosen. That could perhaps differ depending on the hiring manager.
  11. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    Glad to see the efforts to join the Army Nurse Corp as well as the other branches! 9 year Army Reservist myself. Started as a 66H and got lucky to get a slot for 66T school which I completed in 2018. Literally like 90 people across the Army do this p...
  12. 2 year probationary period for army civilian nurse

    I think it was implemented as a policy to get rid of bad staff. You’ll be fine!
  13. VA hiring process 2020

    Pay rate is typically decided when you are boarded. This happens a few steps into the process once selected. As far as retirement the VA is a 3 tier system. Retirement pay is a combination of: 1)Social security(if still around) 2) A ...
  14. VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Hi Jami, Yes I have heard of the restructuring. I’m in VISN 1. Just curious there a lot of people upset about difficulties getting there nurse 3. I’ve been on the board before. Depending on the nursing director I found some never get approved. What i...
  15. I haven't received an email. Could you send it to Thanks!