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tt2323 has 12 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Primary Care/ Trauma.

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  1. tt2323


    Usajobs is the only way!
  2. Hi tt2323,

    I have some questions about the 66S course. I’m scheduled to attend next year. 

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    2. Nurse_Boo

      Nurse_Boo, BSN, RN

      Thank you for responding @tt2323!

      I, personally, just commissioned right before Christmas. I am going in as 66S student and just wanted to know your experience on the class and the process through DCC and BOLC. I have been reading previous blog posts as much as a can but I know things change. However, I also have yet to see anyone post about the 66S/66T course itself or life after. I hear both AOC's are together then separated toward the end. 

      How rigorous is the program? Did you go straight from DCC to BOLC then right to your course? What type of things do you get to learn etc? How is the transition from the course to the unit?



      I would've sent this in a private message but the platform won't let me for some reason 

    3. tt2323

      tt2323, BSN

      Sorry for the late response! 

      Okay so I know very little about what comes first with DCC or BOLC. I’m a reservist so it was different for me. I do know my fellow classmates worked medsurg for a while prior to coming the the 66T/66S course.

      It is true the course is combined with over half of it classroom with the same curriculum. The clinicals is where you get split to either the ED or ICU. However both AOCs do spend time in the other settings.

      The classwork for me was extremelty difficult partially because I finished nursing school close to a decade prior to attending. Only 1 person failed out. I had attempted studying prior to the course but If I had to do it all again I would just take one week at a time because they test you on what they teach.

      The weeks were split up like cardiology x 2 weeks. Respiratory, endo etc. If felt like an advanced pathophysiology course. Outside of classroom time I studying well over 20hrs a week.

      Again I didn’t know folks that were brand new coming to this course. They were previous Arny Med surg nurses. If you need more help let me know! I have friend on AD I could get more details. You could always text me if easier!


    4. Nurse_Boo

      Nurse_Boo, BSN, RN

      Thank you so much @tt2323 !

      Yes I would like that. Are you able to send me a direct message? IDK why it won't let me message you. Maybe I haven't built up enough status in the blog but any help is appreciated including your AD connection. 

      Thanks again! 

  3. tt2323

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Hi Jami, Yes I have heard of the restructuring. I’m in VISN 1. Just curious there a lot of people upset about difficulties getting there nurse 3. I’ve been on the board before. Depending on the nursing director I found some never get approved. What is your current role? I think most people overlook the fact time as a nurse does not matter as much as what position you hold.. well in addition to your masters.
  4. I haven't received an email. Could you send it to ICUNurse2019@gmsil.com. Thanks!

  5. I saw that you commented on what a typical day was like for a PACT LVN, would love to hear on an RN’s day...as I was offered a job at my local VA AS a PACT RN at the primary care clinic....actually I have so many questions and would love to talk.


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    2. tt2323

      tt2323, BSN

      That’s a tough call. I think you could have done better by a few steps considering your time as a nurse. I did spend some time on the boards dictating pay.

      Depending on how big the pay difference is.. how do the benes compare?

    3. Rmartin

      Rmartin, ADN, BSN, EMT-B

      Benefits are good, retirement (Pensión)of course, better health insurance even though the cost is not substantially different...pay wise  I was offered 5k less annually, or $2.59 less hourly, or about $200 less a paycheck.....to be more technical only 6 wks ago was pay recently increased and .75 cents was added for a BSN degree but not added to hourly base.... my wife was like don’t even count that as it just happened and we weren’t even used to it ..IDK I want the job just feel like I shouldn’t  have to take a pay cut or they should have come in closer to my pay...maybe I’m just being petty or ridiculous IDK anymore

    4. tt2323

      tt2323, BSN

      I think pay is important. The boarding process at the VA is such a pain. It seems most people who have experience come in slightly lower then the community depending on pay. Your 2-6 level pay would change depending on where in the country you are. Montana could be $50k, where San Fran / Honolulu would be $100k. GL in your decision !

  6. tt2323


    So as a PACT LVN you’ll be working with a panel of patients (800-1200) your on a team with a provider, RN, and clerical person. As the LVN you basically room the patients that check in for there provider appts. Depending on how COVID affected things where you’d be working you could have up to 12 patients per day. Room the patients.. get vitals and do clinical reminders. Clinical reminders are something we do in primary care. Examples are smoking history, if they drink, depression screening etc etc. A lot of immunizations. Most PACT teams have their own team room in addition to exam rooms. This seems like a much different position then the director position you are referring to. Any other specific questions let me know! Good luck !
  7. Hi I know you responded to my VA question and I’m such in a dilemma if u can help me, I was awaiting your response 

  8. Hi,

    I was hoping for some guidance on the TNC program. I am currently employed in the VA as an ICU nurse. I recently applied and am waiting to hear back. Anything I should do while I wait? The application has closed. When do you think I will hear back?

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    2. Sasrn10


      Hey, had my interview. Yes, very low key. Last I heard they were checking references, so really hoping for an offer yet.

    3. Sasrn10


      Found out today that when the directors met no additional hires were talked about. I was told that my application will remain in consideration for a year, but feel like after it was looked at and passed on it's fairly unlikely going forward of getting an offer. Still hoping, but remaining cautiously optimistic. I don't know how many times a year positions are available and with applicants constantly applying don't have the best feeling about getting an offer. We will see. Thanks again for all the info you provided. Take care! 

    4. Sasrn10


      Hey, I ended up getting a tentative offer to travel. I am doing all the pre-emp paperwork and they say the next big step is finding out my first assignment. Pretty exciting times and looking forward to learning the location. 

  9. Hello! I'm interested in the VA Travel Corps. You mentioned that you recently spoke to them about a position. Do you know what the hiring process is?

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    2. Sasrn10


      Did you interview?

    3. biopsychmajor

      biopsychmajor, RN

      I haven't. I'm having a hard time getting the needed paperwork from HR at the VA where I work. :(

    4. Sasrn10


      Oh no, that’s too bad. Where are you working?

  10. tt2323

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    What setting do you work in? What is your grade/step?
  11. tt2323

    Changing VA facilities

    I have switched facilities directly and kept the same grade/step. I'm curious to know about the greater then 1 year thing.
  12. tt2323

    2019 Army Reserve (66T) or AD (66S student)

    I'm a 2018 66T grad from the course in San Antonio. The course combines 66T/66S until clinicals. Due to the course being close to 4 months they only do a 3-4 courses for the whole year. I was one of 2 reservists in the course with a class size of 30. It extremely hard to get into. I did not have class with any people that were new to the army. I would really look into this more before signing anything. I'm not sure the recruiter can slot you for that. Good luck!
  13. tt2323


    PACT nurse here also. Been in primary care for too long. Glad you like it!
  14. tt2323

    Interview @ Houston TX VA

    Glad you had a good interview. To answer some of your questions. Yes we are Title 38. We do get 5weeks vacation a year to start, and double pay on the holidays. What other government ED did you work in? The VA ED is going to be different then most civilian ED's/DOD. How many years experience as an RN do you have? I could give a ballpark starting Grade/step. Good luck!
  15. tt2323

    Help me stat!Trying to get higher Nurse 2 step

    I've never heard of getting re-boarded after starting. Check with HR I believe as a Nurse 2 you get an automatic step raise every 2 years. At this point your proficiency would be written as you were trying to obtain a nurse 3. I agree you were def started a few steps too low.
  16. tt2323

    Army Reserve FY20 Retention Bonus

    Bonus's are back. What AOC are you wondering about?