Would this be considered abandonment?

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I work in a poorly managed post acute/LTC we don't even have DON at this moment (within the past 3 months it's the third one that quit). I work 7-3pm only RN for 120+ pt's and very often it happens that the next shift is either 2 hr late or non show.

Last Sunday, I worked by myself and of course nobody showed up for 3-11 pm shift, administrator made me stay even though I didn't want to and ended up doing 16hr shift ( I have a baby at home to take care of). They paid me extra but I really don't want their bonuses I just want leave on time.

The most frustrating part of this is that nobody informs me about who is coming to the next shift and usually at 4 pm I start calling ppl and finding out that there's no one to work. I'm so frustrated.

If I clock out at 3 pm and go would that be considered an abandonment?

Technically my shift is over at 3, I just feel bad for residents that's why I stayed but I can't be doing this over and over again.

5 hours ago, Rose_Queen said:

Regardless, anyone can make a report for any reason- including vile and vindictive employers. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything will come of it, but it can sure as heck be a big headache.

I think I see what you're saying, but that's no good reason to stay in such an unsafe environment. Then, instead of a vindictive type report, one would be at risk for an actual report involving something serious like negligence.

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Most of these places are like this and they don’t give a d*mn about you, your license, or the patients. Get out. Quit. They will not change.

That's really bad, but they pull that bs on people all the time. But it's kind of hard to leave, all those patients needing a nurse there, and needing their meds and all. And if you have the keys, who are you,gona turn over the narcotic count and the keys to if no one comes in to relieve you . it must be a pretty bad place to work, if they can't keep enough staff for each shift. I say, run , dont walk, to the time clock as soon as you get relief. You can't keep that kind of stuff up day after day.

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Once you've accepted an assignment (like when you come on at 7 am) it's yours until someone shows up to accept it from you. Walking off is abandonment and your employer is taking disgusting advantage of this. It sounds as though they don't even bother to cover the next shift. (But they cover the one after that all right because legally they can't stick you for 24 hours.)

I'm not sure what you mean by being "paid extra". Hopefully you mean time and a half for all of the second shift. But that is beside the point.

You need to find another job ASAP. These people don't own you; they just think they do. If I kept repeatedly getting stuck like that and couldn't get home to my baby I would be livid.

Start looking for a different job today. Ideally you can give your two weeks' notice today, too, if you can financially swing a possible period of unemployment. Good luck.

PS: Once you're out of there I would report these people to everyone I could think of to report them to. Including the labour board.

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Thank you for the response. Yes, I think it’s time for me to go. I spent there only 4 months and I’m a new grad. It was an opportunity for me to get some experience right after my NCLEX and now I need to move on.

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43 minutes ago, JKL33 said:

sounds like the 120 patient load isn't a new development though? Yikes.

Yes, I am responsible for all IV’s since LVN’s can’t hang them, I do transfers/change of conditions and I carry emergencies/codes, answers phone calls and coordinate pharmacy. I usually don’t take breaks because there’s nobody to cover, and then I have to do the time adjustment paper. The only plus of that place is that time goes fast and I’m getting practice with IV and meds, they pay on time but it’s the lowest pay for RN’s where I live. I wasn’t picky as a new grad and got this job a week after NCLEX.

4 hours ago, karmax1 said:

If you quit your job now, your boss can report you. Stay there for another 2 months, then quit.

It is politics, you have to learn how to play it.

Report OP for what? It is not illegal to quit a job that is unsafe for practice and for patients. OP may lose their license if they stay. This is bad advice and I'm not trying to be condescending or hateful. It is your duty to not accept assignments that are unsafe in practice. OP is not obligated to take that assignment and risk their license and personal physical health.

5 hours ago, karmax1 said:

If you quit your job now, your boss can report you. Stay there for another 2 months, then quit.

What are you talking about? Can you clarify?

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