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Worried about fall schedule....


I am trying to finish up my prereqs as quickly as I can so I can apply to my CCs nursing program next fall. I have already taken two semesters of prereqs and still feel a little behind. I have registered my classes for next fall-- I'm taking a&p 1 lecture and lab and micro in class and I have nutrition, college algebra, personal finance, and sociology online. My school allows 18 credit hours max per semester- I'm taking 19 due to special permission by my advisors.

I have talked to my friends and asked them what/how many hours they are taking and most say 6, 9 at the most! I was floored!

Am I really stretching myself too thin? I want to keep my gpa up so I get a high score on my nursing application, but at the same time I don't want to take prereqs forever. The only classes I don't "need" are personal finance and nutrition, but I added them because I thought they were good courses, and they shouldn't add too much more to my plate (when talking with other students they said they are not hard).


You really should take your time with those more difficult classes. Try not to schedule more than one a semester. It will take you longer to finish pre-reqs, but it would hurt you much more on the Cut Scores to have to retake a class. Trust me I know from first hand experience.

There really is no rush except what you place on yourself. Relax, take your time. Do your pre-reqs as best as you can, NOT as quickly as you can. It will pay off in the near long term.

I think maybe it's best to focus on what you really need at this point. A&P, micro, algebra and sociology are going to provide a nice, full schedule. Even though the additional online classes may not be difficult, they will likely require some time for busy work type assignments (mine always do!) so why take time away from really important classes like A&P and micro?

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Six classes is alot in my opinion. You need to just take and concentrate on the classes that you only need. I am assuming that you don't work or have bills? Taking all those classes and to find time to study is going to alot.

I worked FT the past 2 semesters (taking 5 classes each). And in the fall I plan to work part time as a sitter with the elderly. I also have a 2 year old. It has not been easy but I have managed so far.

I guess I was just looking for confirmation on what I knew already. I have been considering dropping the classes I don't absolutely need and just taking what I'm required.


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the problem with me is some of my classes i really need to concentrate on just get filled so fast.... although i am not taking some them now at this time..


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I recommend you remove either A&P or Microbiology, these mid-level biology classes are extremely comprehensive due to the nature of the content being vast. As a former nursing student and current biology student we are warned to only take one biology class at a time until we get to upper level courses were the course is much more specific and not as broad. I think you will do just fine with A&P, nutrition, college algebra, personal finance and sociology.

Remember that you need at least 2 hours of study for every one hour of class. Do not over burden yourself!

Thanks for all the replies!! It has really given me a new perspective, and I'm sure I will be able to focus my studies in a more organized way now :)


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drop the nutrition and personal finance.....seriously unnecessary...AP1 and micro will not be too hard together although if i were you i would take Ap2 with micro instead....i took Ap1 statistics english and spanish while working and got all A's but boy was i busy...last semester i took AP2 micro math 97 anth and ancient literature 19credits...work full time....plus another part time job....nightmare...I got 3 A's and 2 B's but its over.

point is...you still have to take AP2 so just spread em out a little more...trust me you'll be happier with your gpa in the end!

Does your school not offer summer classes? I am about to finish a five week class and start another at mine. Seems like you could knock out the Algebra, Nutrition, or Sociology this summer to lighten your load for fall.

Does your school not offer summer classes? I am about to finish a five week class and start another at mine. Seems like you could knock out the Algebra, Nutrition, or Sociology this summer to lighten your load for fall.

We're already in July... I think it might be a bit too late to sign up for summer classes. Mine are over half-way finished as is.

My school offers summer courses. I was planning on taking either a&p1 by itself, or 2 "just because I want to take it" classes. But I had some financial difficulties when the time to pay up or get out rolled around :p

i feel the same as you as far as wanting to finish everything quickly. i feel like there are so many people moving up the ranks and getting closer to applying that i need to hurry up and "beat" them to it. the advice i have gotten from all of my friends who have already finished or are currently in the program is to not take micro and a & p together, because as you know these class grades are so vital to your points and admission. i actually started crossing off pre reqs over the summer of '08 while i was pregnant and working full time, so i started out slow, one class for each summer semester and in the fall and spring i took two (i got screwed into remedial math since it had been 8 years since i graduated hs) so those 2 math classes ate up my credit hours i could have applied towards needed classes. i took the summer of '10 off, and this past spring i took stats at a private college so it was an accelerated 6 week course 2 nights a week, i wasn't able to take another class at my school during that class. i took marine bio in hs and my school is requiring me to complete an intro to bio class before i can take any higher sciences. i have been throwing in courses towards my bsn when other classes i needed for my as were already full, i have been going for so long but i don't feel like i am making any progress. this coming fall ('11), i am loading up with 3 classes, finally taking intro to bio, speech and spanish i. the only pre reqs for the program i have left are a & p and micro. i plan to take each of those one at a time paired with another bsn course, like writing intensive humanities, world history or my spanish 2 class. then when it is time to apply i can try at my local cc (state college now) and the university up the road, obviously the idea is to get my bsn at some point so i might as well take the needed classes now.

so far, i have completed:


enc i

enc ii


human growth & development

basic humanities



i'm taking 21 units this semester (anat, chem, human development, philosophy, speech, and psych) but i don't have any kids or a job! Also, at my school to be considered a full time student you need to take at least 12 units so 6 and 9 units for a semester is pretty low! i would say ditch all the classes you don't need. Also you are a brave soul for taking two science course and an upper division math class all at the same time. i took calculus last semester and it almost killed me! Good luck with your classes :]

That sounds like a lot. When I take the science classes, I will usually take it with ONE other easier class like sociology or something.


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Ugh drop personal finance and sociology

Boring boring boring

You really need to keep your focus on a&p and micro

Those are what determines whether you get into nursing school