I'm an Italian nurse

  1. Ciao a tutti sono una infermiera italiana e mi piacerebbe tanto scambiare informazioni sull'assistenza infermieristica nel vostro paese,io lavoro in cardiologia da circa 6 anni.
    Purtroppo il mio inglese e' un po' scadente cosi' ho bisogno di colleghi che parlano italiano. Ringrazio in anticipo chi mi aiutera'
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    Per the TOS, you have to post in English so that we can understand.
  4. by   nrsang97
    Sorry I don't speak Italian.
  5. by   FLmomof5
    Her post says:

    Hello everyone I am a nurse both italian and i'd like to exchange information on nursing care in your country,i work in cardiology from about 6 years. Unfortunately, my english is a bit poor so i need my colleagues who speak italian. Thank you in advance who will help me'

    OP, try this link to convert to english:

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    as mentioned as per the terms of service of the site we request only english is used

    english language only

    while this bulletin board hosts visitors from around the world, it is based in the united states and much of our membership is english speaking. due to our inability to moderate threads in other languages, we ask that interactions be in english for the enjoyment of as many posters as possible.
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    I just used an online translator to translate that we must all speak english since this is the second time I have seen this post (it got closed the first time) the OP might understand if it is said in Italian (as she stated she does not speak much english)

    per i termini di questo sito web dobbiamo parlare tutto inglesi
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    I'm a nurse that eats Italian food...
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    Quote from FLmomof5
    Her post says:

    OP, try this link to convert to english:

    The problem with those translators is that they often make errors. For example, the last time this poster posted in Italian, the translator made people think she had said that Americans don't speak English well, when in fact she said she wanted to communicate with Americans but she doesn't speak English well.

    The translators can give you some idea of what the other person is saying, but you have to take the results with a grain of salt.
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    Aw this person just wants to talk about nursing... can't someone just tell about it in italian? this is the 2nd time I've seen a thread like this. Who cares if it's not in English..
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    I speak Italian, I was born and raised in Italy but moved to the US many years ago and became an American citizen.
    I know we have to use English only here but I'm going to tell the OP to write me a personal message and I'm gonna say it in Italian since she doesn't speak English.....

    Ciao, sono nata e cresciuta in Italia ma vivo negli Stati Uniti da tanti anni e ho frequentato la scuola infermiera qui. Lavoro in un reparto cardiaco, scrivimi un messaggio e ti posso dare la mia email cosi da scambiarci informazioni. In questo sito devi scrivere solo in inglese mi dispiace.

    Ok done! Sorry again if I used a language other than English
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    OP cannot send you a PM - she does not have enough posts to utilize that feature.
  13. by   dienne
    Thank you, you're right......I sent her a message with my e-mail......hopefully she'll get it!

    Quote from roser13
    OP cannot send you a PM - she does not have enough posts to utilize that feature.
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    Just curious - how do you sign up if you don't understand a lick of English?