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workplace violence if you have ever been assaulted or battered by a physician, please contact me. i am a nurse practitioner and was attacked on 8/22/03 by a physician.


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I worked in an ER with a physician who shoved me up against a desk while stating, 'I'm a violent man.' He also sent a PEG tube whizzing by my face at full speed (fortunately it did not hit me, but it was close) because I criticised his hateful speech to our house supervisor. The nursing home from which a pt. came had stated that the tube was size X, so that's what we asked her to bring. Well, the doc had to use a smaller tube and told her, 'An intelligent person would have brought other sizes.' I replied, 'Don't bite the hand that feeds us.' Hence, the warp speed PEG tube! Needless to say, he was verbally abusive as well. I got no back up from my manager regarding the shoving incident because I had no witnesses and the PEG tube incident was dismissed as high jinks since no injury occurred. Only I seem to realise that the only reason he hadn't smacked me full in the face was poor aim. These events transpired AFTER said bully was forced to attend an anger management class. The hospital required this attendance because our bully had destroyed a telephone- the conversation not to his liking, apparently. I learned from this that the hospital would only take action if it were a matter of property destruction. Verbal abuse and assault of nurses is a light matter. Why else would this facility not only permit him to continue as ER practise manager, but as the medical director of the entire hospital? Did I mention that he was also hateful to the patients?

Nonetheless, I would encourage you to pursue every avenue of bringing your bully down. Speak to the facility management and the board of medical examiners in your state. Also, keep a detailed log of abusive behaviour. I did these things and let my bully know I was doing them. He quit bothering me after I didn't just roll over. Granted, I'm not at all satisfied with the response I received from mgt. and I no longer work for this HCA hospital. You can contact me for further information at [email protected].

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Wow avigail that is awful. renerian

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Good for you for standing up to a bully!!!


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I am sorry to hear about your experience and I hope that you pursue the matter and report him to the Board of Professional Behavior.

My assault and battery enced up with me getting a Rt breast mastectomy due to injures to my breast. As for the company I work for, they have not been supportive. As a matter of fact, the physician is still working, but hopefully that will not be the case for long. And, as for the company I believe they share in the responsibility. Everyone is intitled to a workplace free of violence.

Good luck and thank you for sharing your experience

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There is NO place for workplace bullying and violence! It is bad enough that so many of us are exposed to it from disgruntled clients. To be n the end of that kind of behaviour from a so called colleague is reprehensible. If you are able to please pursue the issue to bring that pr*ck to his knees!

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Holy Crap!

There is a member here named itsmezoe. (?) She's an OR nurse who won a large settlement against an assaultive surgeon. See if you can send her am email,

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Her handle is IT'SJUSTMEZOE.

She has not posted since May.


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Thank you so much for giving me Zoe's name (itsjustmezoe. I have been in contact with her and she has been a tremendous help. THANK YOU.


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Originally posted by avigail

I worked in an ER with a physician who shoved me up against a desk while stating, 'I'm a violent man..

That is so disgusting. This guy needs to be tied up and placed in a cage with the REST of the animals!


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I hope you took action against him. Nurses need to stand up against any type of violence in the workplace. It has gone on too long.

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Ugh. So so so sorry you have to suffer these violent brutes. :o

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