Working students or non Working Students.


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at present, where are you working and how many hours? if you are already in school, did you stop or start working and or did you add or drop hours?

if you will be a student in the fall, will you work or not and how may hours are you anticipatiing working?

what does your school reccommend for hours to work, if any? let us know which program you are currently in or will be in.

i will be working sat and sun in ltc as a lpn weekly which will be 24 hours as i start rn clinical this fall.

trying to make converstaion on this forum! lol


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I do not work at the present time and I will not be working when I start the nursing program this fall.

jschut, BSN, RN

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I currently work as a CNA in a LTCF on the weekends. I only work 16 hours a week right now, but after I graduate, I'll be working 36-48 hours per week and go to school (General Education Classes thread...)

When will this be over?????????

Julie :)


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I was working 38 to 48 hrs weekly as a Labourer.... when i went to Nfld was Gov. funded to do career exploration... will not be returning to work (once again Gov Funded w/ OSAP) but will probably work weekends as a cook or labourer

moni rn

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i am currently working about 40 hours as a wellness manager for a corporate exercise facility, and i volunteer about 5 hours a week at a local women's hospital. when school starts back up in august, i will quit the volunteering.


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I'm not working while going to school. I don't think I could keep up with everything if I worked. Bless those of you who do.


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Well I didn't work my first semester of nursing school... But I did start this summer working at a local hospital as a PCA(same as a CNA) on an Orthopedic floor... I plan to work maybe one nite a week then either Saturday or Sunday when school starts in the fall..


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I work at a small rural hospital as a unit secretary. I work 40+ hours per week during the summer.

When school starts, I drop down to 32, the lowest I can go and still be able to pay my mortgage.

I wish I could work less, but I seem to do well in school because I know I don't have all the time other people do, so I can't procrastinate.

It works.

Brown Suga

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Hello all!

I am currently working for a local hospital as a nurse extern. I am working full time 36hrs + over the summer. At the end of Aug when school starts up again I will be working part time 24hrs a week. I will be finishing up my last year of my ADN nursing program.

Thanks :cool:


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I am currently working 40 hours per week in an LTC dementia unit as an NAC. My pre-reqs I have been taking one class per quarter & still working full-time. Once I start the program, I will drop to part time (I hope!!) but I will have full-time daycare so I don't know......:rolleyes:

Alison, NAC & future CRNA (I hope!)

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I am working 40 hours a week while doing my Pre-req's, but will drop to 30 hours a week when I start Nursing classes for my ADN. I am switching careers so my company is very flexible with me !! THANK GOD!!! Best of luck to you all!


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Currently, I work as a Dangerous Goods specialist for FedEx about 40 hours a week.

I just finished a Bachelor's in Political Science, and have decided to switch to nursing school, which my wife is starting with me this fall.

When school starts, I'll do the DG for 3 hours, 4 nights a week (12 hours), then work about 6 hours every saturday.

At my school, after 3 semesters, you can take the NCLEX-PN to become a LPN. When I do this, I would like to get a part-time job as a LPN and drop, or almost stop the work at FedEx while I'm doing my last two semesters at school to become a RN.

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