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we had a G2 P2 yesterday came in at 0800( yes day shift ) for induction.. had pit hung as much as we could stayed at 5cm 80% efface all night long... when i left she was only dilated to 9 cm and 90 % effaced.. it seems to me that she labored way to long.. she is very short 5 foot 1 and she had a epidural ... what is the longest you have had a mother waiting to deliver before they do a c section? this poor woman is exhausted .. the baby appears in no distress... so far her total is 25 hours of heck,,, poor thing.. i would love to hear your delivery stories.. i have had 6 kids and i never waited that long.... ty all in advance !!

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I'm not an L & D nurse, I'm on the other side of the wall in the NICU, so hopefully someone with more experience will answer too, but if the labor is progressing (albeit slowly) and there are no signs of distress or infection, why would she need a c/s? 25 hours of labor doesn't sound like a walk in the park, for sure, but it doesn't sound all that out of the ordinary either. Was her first delivery similar to this?

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it was 13 years ago her last baby... lol... she said " her uterus was out of practice" lol... she was is very uncomfertable... she had a epi and i wondered if that could of slowed it down.. i had my first baby and he came in 10 hours ,,, i delivered my twin girls 5 years ago vag,, they came in 12 hours 3 minutes apart.. i felt bad for her... her son is 13 years old .. now she's having another boy ,, lol... that baby hr normal 133.. when i left ... ;lol... i was just wondering... ty for your reply.. lol... the doc said she would be a 9cm for quite awhile longer when i left... i think he was going to do a round of golf and come he was kidding of course.... i appreciate all the replies.. i love this site and all of you !!

As a L&D nurse with 2 years experience, I have seen much longer for the laboring process. Since it had been 13 years since her last birth, we would expect her to be slower-more like a 1st time mom! Also, she was induced - if she had come in already in labor on her own, the process probably would have been faster. I think the epidural can slow the process, but also think it can speed up the process. Each and every delivery is diifferent! Even with the epidural, labor is exhausting! I agree with the other poster, if the baby looks good and no signs of infection-no reason for a c/section!

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With my daughter I was induced. I went in and the induction process started at midnight. Pit was started at 0730. Pit was stopped at 1900 so I could rest and eat. Another round of cervadil at midnight. Pit started at about 0530. Water broke at 1430. Delivered 0014. C-section was never mentioned. DD lifeflighted to Pittsburgh for Meconium Aspiration.

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My sister had a 76 hour labor that ended in a csection for frequent variable decels and loss of variability.

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Was there a medical reason for induction? I'm not an L&D nurse, and my two births were not 100% au natural, but I've heard of induced labors going on for so long and I have to think that it's because the body/baby is not quite ready yet. Of course, I was an induced baby and my mom's labor was not excessively long.

well I'm a pre-nursing student, but just had a VBAC myself (4 weeks ago) I labored for 22 hours low does pit was started at 0630 Tuesday august 24th, labor stalled three times, and my son wasn't born until 0302 Wednesday August 25th, longest (and hardest) time of my life but was WAY WORTH IT!!! I was so stinking tired by the end while i was pushing i remember saying "I can't" 2 or 3 times. My L&D nurse was GREAT! she kinda "inspired" me (even more so than i already was) to become a L&D nurse (I've always wanted to be a nurse, but life happened and I'm not getting that dream until now and always wanted to do L&D/mom & baby nursing)

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LOVED my L&D nurses as well. Especially the first time when I was laboring for a long time without an epidural, they helped me make it through!

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If mom and baby are okay, I've seen labors go on for a day or two. For homebirth midwives this is not uncommon at all.

We had a mom complete for 8-9 hours (not pushing the entire time), which is the longest I've seen. Ended up with a NSVD, mom and baby both okay.

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With my own homebirth, I was complete for about 6 hours before I started pushing. She was OP and acynclitic, and just took a really long time to straighten out and descend. The transition-like back labor sucked, but other than that, we both turned out fine.

I personally was the nurse for a woman who was being induced for postdates and oligo. Her induction was started at around noon, and she labored continuously on Pit for 43 hours, with 3 1/2 hours of pushing and no descent, before she had a C/S. That's the longest I have personally been involved with (I had her two nights in a row, so I was there for 24 out of her 43-hour labor).

she was lucky that her doctor let her go on so long. We have docs in my community that would of did a c/s about 5pm. (office hours are over you know). anyway, as long as she was progressing and the baby wasn't in distress I think she was ok. Did she deliver lady partsl?

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