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Hi Everyone,

The first thing I am worried about is that there is no spell checker here! :-)

I am 55 years old and am just in my first year in a fine ADN program. I went back to getting my nursing degree which is somethins I wanted to do a long time ago in my life.

I have a MS in Systems Management and had 15 good years in health care management. However, I have not had a job for sometime. I have had HR and recruiters alike people actually tell me that my age is a problem now. I know!!! That is Illegal, but.....unless they say that in writing or with wittnesses......

Here is my big worry: I have seen conflicting reports here as to what is the job market place really like out there. One of the practical reasons I chose nursing was the "Shortage". Since I am in good health, I felt my age may not be such a major factor when I graduate and try to find a job. Is there going to be a job for me in the Spring of 2004?

I too still have ambition and would like to go on in to an advanced practice; probalbly CRNA. I know that nursing informatics would seem a good choice, but CRNA is something I have considered for many years when I really searched my heart.

Any comments?




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Problems? Finding jobs? Do a job search for RN and CRNA positions. Tell me what you think. Nah, finding a job is not going to be a big problem. As for CRNA, I know a woman who completed her CRNA program at 55. No big deal.

Kevin McHugh


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Thanks for the encouraging word Keven!

Jim C :-)


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Hello worried - Don't fret - there are plenty of jobs for qualified nurses. Keep yourself fit, tanned, and rested. Sounds like you have great experience. Check the median age of nurses nowdays. I bet you are closer in age to the median than you think - keep on plugging - frankie


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PS - I am a terrible speller - I neeeeeeddddd a spellcheck!



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SRNJIM, I do understand what you are saying about your age making it difficult to find a job. My husband lost the job he had for 30 years, and couldn't find anything. He wenat back to school at 50, and got an AS in Information Technology, and still hasn't found work. It's hard to compete against the 25 year olds. I don't think you will have the same problem when you graduate. Most hospitals have vacancies, and the shortage is getting worse.


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SRNJIM--in the computer industry, any age over 35 is a problem--all but insurmountable.

You will find that your age will also be a problem in nursing to some degree, but not necessarily an insurmountable one. High physically-intensive work such as the ER, GI, Ortho, maybe OR can be hard on one's back. Med-surg can be hard on backs, feet, and knees. !2-hour shifts and switching back and forth from one shift to another can also be taxing.

So in 2004, you might think about what kinds of jobs would be most likely to create the fewest problems and be most easily managed by you at that time and apply for those, rather than the jobs that might be a bigger physical/energy challenge. IMHO.

PS. The powers that be are already thinking about a spell checker.

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sjoe.....having babies is hard on a woman's back.....and most women are in their teens, twenties, and thirties having babies......some even older today. So......being in one's 50's today is still YOUNG in nursing. One can be fit at any age......and one can be in BAD SHAPE at any age.....so I would never discourage any one older than 40 from going into nursing. You got your health.....your brain......your glasses to augment the failing vision.......then nursing can use you. :kiss :nurse:


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I don't think you'll have any problem whatsoever finding a job. We need all the great nurses we can get.

Good luck in school!


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My Mom got her ADN when she was in late 40s. She "retired" at 68, and then continued to work as a primary care rehab nurse until 76. She lifted, she pulled, she ran, just like the young'uns. Now d/t medical problems, she is still working in the hospital, but sitting at a desk and running a computer. She's 76!!!!!

As for your age being a disadvantage, let's look at it a little more positively!

You are more serious and settled.

You have the wisdom that young'uns won't have for many years.

You understand the value of life.

You won't have young kids at home distracting you at your job.

You will be learning for your own pleasure and to fullfill a dream, so you will learn what you learn better and more indepth than your young counterparts who only care about the grade.

You know who you are and what you want from life.

You've already learned that "fast" doesn't get you there any faster.

You'll have more patient trust and comfort in your presence.

Because you've seen pain and death from friends and family, you will be able to have more empathy with your patients and in their suffering.

Do I really need to go on? Wear your "age" with pride. You're terrific! Thank GOD for "old people." There's far more good in age than there is bad! Go for it, SRNJIM! And, don't worry about finding a job. If it is your passion, you'll find the job. That's just the way life works, as you already know!


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Congratulations on joining our board, and on your plans to get your RN. I agree-good students usually make excellent nurses, especially one who has been motivated for most of his adult life!

There will always be jobs for good nurses, I think!


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Wow, Youda, Bravo to your Mom!!!

I sure hope I can do all that at her age!! :D

Oh yeah, jim. I graduated from the ADN program at age 46, btw.

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