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  1. Do RNs declot temporary hemodialysis catheters?

    Hi ageless and telepathic - frankie here - I work in an out patient infusion center. I have been asked to declot hemodialysis catheters, as they have been being sent to ONE DAY SURGERY - can you believe that - the ED nor inpatient IV team will declo...
  2. Declot hemodialysis catheters?

    hello - frankie here - thanks thanks thanks for the info - it is very helpful - frankie
  3. Declot hemodialysis catheters?

    Question - Is there a procedure for decloting hemodialysis catheters? Do RNs to this? Help? - frankie
  4. Question for RNs - If it is within the scope of nursing practice in your state, do RNs declot hemodialysis catheters (permacaths)? and If yes, where could I find procedure for declotting the arterial side? Many Thanks - frankie
  5. I am so hurt

    Renerian, frankie here - I am sorry you experienced such a thing - people are so rude and thoughtless. I enjoy reading your posts and your replies to everyone. I do not post much here, and I am new, but I agree with the others -report this and forg...
  6. RN's accountable for MD's? What do you think?

    Canoehead - Frankie here. If there is a program for a medical condition that includes labs, meds, and other tasks that requires a physician order to execute, this should have been reviewed and approved by an administrator in nursing, and the medical...
  7. NRSKarenRN - frankie here - great article. it is hard for me to imagine anyone using a needle more than once. The cost is so minimal. HOW CHEAP ARE THESE PEOPLE? Glad this place was shut down, though the patients are the ones that suffer. frankie...
  8. Ethics vs. Integrity

    Hello everyone-frankie here. Question - You ask for a raise because you have assumed management duties on your unit, acepted the responsibility and accountability for scheduling, day to day operation, coordination of care. Your manager says, I can'...
  9. tell me the worst things about nursing

    Jen, Frankie here. For me, the worst two things in nursing are: 1. Vomit 2. In 30 years, you will make, within about 3-4 dollars an hour, the same hourly wage that a new graduate, who has not passed state boards, and is still in orientation makes....
  10. Which would you rather be?

    Obnurseheather, frankie here. i would be a np any day. why not build on the career you are invested in rather than start anew? If you are looking to exit nursing, PA might be the route to take, however there would be more limitations in licensing ...
  11. IV Therapy - Totally Useless??????

    Karo nurse - and everyone - frankie here. by now, you guys know i work in iv therapy, but a clinic, not an iv team. when i worked in hospital, i always started my own ivs. i can see how an iv team has merrit - picc/ml insertion. decisions about w...
  12. Quality Healthcare Week

    Qnurse, Frankie here. So sorry you did not get the suggestions in time. It sounds like you have done a few things to make the week brighter for the hosptial. Changing the topic - I was just in the Cayman Islands in July - wonderful place. Plan to...
  13. pay for missed lunches and overtime

    ISEARL - Frankie here. Sorry you lost you home infusion job. It is really a great job - most of the time. I have to say, this clinic thing is nice. The first six months were difficult - alot of hospital changes. I wanted to leave. But then - th...
  14. urgently need input on a crappy salary

    Renerian, Frankie here. I feel angry about your situation. Probably not as angry as you do. What kind of case management job? A nurse just transfered from our IV out patient clinic to a case management/discharge planner job in the hospital - she ...
  15. Retention issues

    Youda - Frankie here. I have to say, despite my c/o r/e retention, I agree 100% with you, and I know my talk of retention issues is blowing in the wind. frankie