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Hey everyone

Just in the library taking a little break....

Tues is my last exam for my BSN EVER!!!!!! Let's pray I pass( I have done pretty good on the first two, but I am having pre graduation anxiety)

I also had my second job interview this past Friday on telemetry and I hope I get it!

Ok back to some reading....nervously


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Good luck noeljan222!! I'm sure you'll do fine. You must be

so excited!!

maire, ASN, RN

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Good luck on the test AND the job interview!! :)


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Good luck! Wow...last test! How exciting! Hope the interview goes well!


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all the best to you!

renerian, BSN, RN

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Good luck! I finished my MS in March and your right it is a good feeling to take your last test!!!!



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Good Luck, it's almost over :)


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Luck! Very envious cause I have two more months to go till I can call it quits. Good luck with your interview!


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Good Luck Noeljan!!!! I know you can do it!!!!


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