uwm, uwmadison, or matc

  1. Is anyone a student at uw, uwm, or matc? I am currently a prenursing student at uwmadison. I do not feel my gpa is high enough only 3.3 to make it into the program here at uw. I am thinking about matc milwaukee bc the waitlist is only 6months now. or possibly uwm but they have more prereqs that i would need to take. Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks.
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  3. by   Kewlchik
    Hi there...
    I'm in my first semester at UWM and don't know much about the program at Madison but I know that. At UWM it depends on if you're applying in the fall or spring. I was accepted in the spring where UWM took 96 students. They just sent out letters for students accepted in the fall and there were only 56 students from UWM accepted. It is because they share the program (a.k.a professors) with uwwc and parkside. 3.3 is pretty good and if you write one heck of an essay I'd say you have a really good chance of getting in. Yes there are extra pre-reqs but I think it's just physics right? (which I would suggest NOT taking at UWM...the prof is a nazi!!) anyways I hope that helps! Good luck!
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    hi could you tell me more about the program at uwm? if you don't get into the fall can you reapply for the spring? did you take any classes at another college and then apply to uwm? The program is so competetive up here at madison, the average gpa is a 3.8. I was also thinking about going to matc milwaukee and getting the rest of the prereqs out of the way and then applying to the nursing program at uwm...what do you think? I would love to keep in touch with you. PM me or look on my profile page for my email link. Thanks so much for your response
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    I am currently a Nursing student at MATC in Milwaukee. I would not recommend MATC to anyone looking at entering Nursing school. MATC does have a great reputation in the community. The problem is the organization within the program. The program is not clearly defined, things are added or changed every semester. It seems sometimes they want to make it impossible to graduate. I would highly suggest that you stay with getting your BSN. It seems to take just as long to get your ADN!
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    That stinks, i am really having a hard time trying to figure out what to do...uwmadison seems impossible to get into. Are you currently in the nursing program at matc? Although i have most of the prereqs done (only need phys and micro) for uw, matc requires me to take like 6 more. So you honestly don't think i should transfer? Are you able to work while in school? Do you plan to go on to your bsn through uwm? any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for the reply.
  7. by   tericson
    I am currently a student at MATC and I graduate in May. I am also a Firefighter/EMT. I had to go to MATC because it is close to the firehouse that I work at. I take my vacation time, or PTO, to attend school. I would definately say to stay in the program your in or transfer to another BSN program. Including prereq it has taken me about 4 years to complete my 2 year degree. If you have all your prereq's done then it should only take 2 years. Either way your better off with the BSN. I plan on continuing on into the ADN - MSN program that is available. Good luck with school and whatever choice you make! Let me know if I can help or you need any other information. Like I said earlier, MATC has a great reputation in Milwaukee with the hospitals, its just the organization of the school and the program that is lacking.

  8. by   Achoo!
    I am at MATC- Madison, semester 3/4. I really love the program and the instructors. You can take quite a few college transfer courses as well if you choose to go further.
  9. by   CARE4PEDS
    Ever thought about Edgewood? I actually went to UW madison for my first degree, and ending up getting my BSN from Edgewood last year. I loved the program and the teachers. The big down side is the cost, which I covered with loans. Good Luck! The way I see it is that you should go and make the best out of whatever school you go to. I have heard from a lot of nurses that went to all the schools you are considering, and they had good and bad things to say about all of them. GOOD LUCK!
  10. by   junebride
    I am in my last semester of prereqs for the ADN program at MATC. I will comment on some things mentioned before:

    Parking is awful and expensive. The school is planning on bringing the UPASS system back, which means you can take the bus all the time for about $45 a semester. that's a serious deal compared to parking fees and such.

    Administration at MATC is terrible. They're disorganized, don't answer questions well, and different things about the program are changed almost every semester. If you have specific questions you will be sent on a wild goose chase to tons of different people, none of whom will want to or know how to answer your questions. My adviser is nice, but completely useless. I have asked him time and time again questions regarding my prerequisites, entry into the program and such, and he consistently wants to push me off onto someone else.

    I have now been told that if you get less than a B in any of your required sciences, you will be required to take them again in order to gain entry to the program. They have too many people dropping out of clinicals because "We didn't know there was so much reading", or they're just plain flunking out. The waiting list is kind of a hierarchy, with top picks being highest grades and so on.

    No one in the history of the world could possibly obtain their ADN from MATC in two years. They require 35 combined credits of prerequisites prior to admission to the program. This means that if you went full time, it is possible in 1 fall, 1 spring, and 2 summers to complete the required coursework prior to admission. It has taken me 2 years.

    That said, every MATC ADN graduate I have spoken with was very pleased with their experience at the school.
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    Quote from jmg21887
    Is anyone a student at uw, uwm, or matc? I am currently a prenursing student at uwmadison. I do not feel my gpa is high enough only 3.3 to make it into the program here at uw. I am thinking about matc milwaukee bc the waitlist is only 6months now. or possibly uwm but they have more prereqs that i would need to take. Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks.
    Hi. Im a third semester ADN student going part time at MATC. My children are 5/3/and 1. I work 40 hours a pay perriod. MATC has been good to me. They offer theory courses online. Clinicals during the day, evening, or evey other weekend if you are a Monday thru Friday worker. Te program is offered at 2 campuses, Milwaukee and Mequon. I used to go to downtown. Now I'm at Mequon to avoid the parking structure fees and hassle of driving down there. It is a half hour hike but worth it for the serenity. They allow you to take classes at your pace, part time or full time. I have known many people who have families and have gone full time, which is equivelant to 4 classes a semester.(This being the actual clinical phase of the program, after prereqs are completed.) Teachers are helpful and want to see students pass. Our passing requirement is 80% at this time.
    Also, it is an inexpensive route to your education. If student loans are in the picture, would you rather come out owing 5-6 thousand(roughly) or 20-21 thousand for a two year degree? If you plan on buying a house and continuing on with your education, keeping your debt to income ratio down is very smart. On the other hand, some people would rather pay the money to get done that extra year or semester faster.

    Best wishes to you.
  12. by   rn/writer
    As others have said, MATC turns out high quality RNs, but has some serious organizational and logistics problems.

    A good alternative is WCTC in Waukesha County. Excellent program and faculty. Beautiful campus. Plenty of parking. Good clinical sites. Don't know if there is currently a waiting list, but it's worth looking into.
  13. by   PMFB-RN
    Try Southwest Technical College in Fennimore. Their wait list is only one semester.
  14. by   JennyDo
    I am currently a senior at UW- Milwaukee (graduating in 41 days Yipee!) The program is pretty difficult to get accepted in, but if you do a good job on the essay portion of the application anything can happen. Personally, I think the program is in a state of constant change. (You will be making it better for the next class just like we did.)

    Overall the program is good, parking is ok...especially if you take the shuttle onto the campus. Most of the professors are great, a few are not. I think that's the same anywhere you go. The big emphasis at UWM is community nursing, so if that is not a field you are interested in, some of the classes and projects may seem a bit boring.

    The city of Milwaukee is a little rough, there are quite a few robberies around campus, and it really isn't a good idea to go out after dark (I wouldn't take night classes there...) The campus police sends email notices to the students if anything happens and that's the only reason I know about them. I commute and haven't had any issues with theft at all.

    Good luck with whatever path you choose...