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I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences (good or bad) to share either in working for Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, or (more specifically) with Aurora's Graduate Nurse position. I will be... Read More

  1. by   Nurturer3
    I worked for Aurora for 14 years, both as an RN and as a Nursing Assistant. I highly reccommend you consider other places of employment. Enough said.
  2. by   brandy1017
    They are probably rejecting you because you are experienced and would command a higher salary. I know someone who left them after they raised the ratios at Sinai and were gunning for the experienced nurses. Nurses especially new grads were running to the doctor for anxiety meds and were told to get a better job instead! Looks like they are planning to close Sinai, already transferred profitable sectors elsewhere and telling reporters how they are losing so many millions and its unsustainable. Of course when you move the profitable sectors out of the hospital it helps them keep their losses up as their rationale for closing down! Haven't said it officially, but certainly appear to be moving in that direction.

    I remember a while back doctors with Aurora were told they could not take on medicaid patients as regulars. This hit the papers, but I think Aurora won out! Didn't know Aurora had frozen pensions but am not surprised, know they cut pensions before already!

    Remember back when Aurora opened a hospital in Summit, the Nurse President talked about needing experienced nurses in that case because it was a new hospital, but the most important thing was having a sunshine, upbeat, customer is always right personality. Came across as they were only reluctantly hiring experienced staff and downgraded the skills of such staff as expected, routine, and really all they wanted was an RN with a smile! Then about a year later, that Nurse President was let go and someone else got her job.

    The new suburban hospitals have been pulling business from their competitors who have laid off and also heard Aurora has done some laying off and redeploying because these new hospitals didn't have enough business! Welcome to the cut throat world of hospital competition for the more profitable locations! Everyone loses!

    Froedtert is profitable, but they have the 7/70 schedule. I wouldn't want to work 7 days in a row, even if I had a week off. But it is no doubt a very innovative, profitable arrangement for them, no overtime, geared towards newer, healthy, single nurses as how could you do it if you had young children? The arrangement probably keeps health insurance costs down as well.
  3. by   lawandaluxnurse
    Well said brandy1017! I agree with every word. I am one of those who has experienced the lay-off situation. Who knows what will happen in the future? All I know it that it is a scary world in healthcare today no matter where you go!
  4. by   doodledome
    Aurora is a joke! brandy1017 said it right. I believe they have been strategizing how to shut down sinai for years thus putting up the hospital in summit and grafton neither of which are doing great. It is sad the Aurora owns the news so therefore they can make stories sound more in their benefit when really they are not out to serve the patient unless they have money.

    Here is my tidbit about Aurora. Working in an ED in milwaukee I have patients all the time who come from Aurora facilities that were told they would be set up with a primary and make repeated phone calls to get one but Aurora never gives them a primary because they dont have insurance. What a bunch of crap. If they were really a non profit hospital they wouldnt be placing the burden of the uninsured on all the other health systems in MKE county instead they would serve their patients. I have also had a homeless man transsfered from St. Lukes because he had 100% blocked LAD and 90% blocked RCA but St lukes refused to let the cardiologist stent RCA because patient had no insurance so the next day he came to our facilities and went under in cardiac cath lab to have the same procedure done again when it could have been taken care of all at once.

    Due to being in Grad school and knowing people who have worked or work within Aurora this is what i have heard. I have also heard bad things about Aurora hiring all new grads in the ICU. Please dont ever send me there if something should happen. A nurse at our hospital went to visit her grandma in the IUC and watched how long it took to answer a call light in the ICU. 1 hour and 1/2! Thats insane. THey dont want to pay experienced nurses and their ICU patients are returning to the floors with hirin rates of infection/sepsis from poor central line care.
  5. by   PennyNickelDime_RN
    I had been looking for a position for about 6 months or more. I applied to many Aurora positions that I was perfectly qualified for and even had experience in. I rarely got an interview and when I did I was left hanging for months for an answer only to be rejected.

    Froedtert is almost as bad. I applied to Cancer Clinic and am an experienced chemotherapy certified RN. I must have applied to 20 jobs in the cancer clinic and finally got an interview in November 2011. After the manager assured me that she wanted me to come in to shadow twice she said this, I have not heard a word from them.

    I did have good results with the Medical College of WI. I was always called and interviewed for clinic positions they had available on a timely basis. I recently interviewed for the MCW and Columbia St. Mary's, both for clinic positions and got a second interview with MCW and a job offer from Columbia St. Mary's within a week. I took the Columbia St. Mary's position because it is hourly vs. salaried and the location was much closer to my home. I'm excited and am hoping that my experience with CSM will be a good one. I do know that they have a much lower turnover than Aurora, but they also laid off about 500 employees over the last summer.

    It is a scary time in healthcare! I'm just thankful I am not unemployed anymore. Don't even ask me about age discrimination because it is alive and well especially at Aurora, Froedtert and Wheaton Franciscan.
  6. by   happyclinicRN
    Wow! I am shocked all the bad juju about aurora. I have been happily employed there for over two years now, having come from one of their biggest competitors. I have not once seen or heard of any bad experiences like you all are describing! Our doctors are seeing patients in the clinic with t-19 and uninsured patients with no problem. Our financial reps are working out payment plans with patients that are very affordable. Of course I also can claim wonderful management at my location as well. Perhaps that is the difference.
  7. by   SHGR
    Out of two pages of responses here, I see only one that has positive things to say about Aurora. Anyone else? Any feedback?
  8. by   libby11
    Hi. I understand some of the opinions expressed about Aurora in this discussion board, but I am considering working for the company as a CNA.

    Can anyone tell me the different units that Aurora St. Luke's on 27th & Oklahoma has?
  9. by   gbpack
    ASLMC has a lot of cardiac floors both step down and ICU, ortho, medsurg, neuro, and oncology. It is a very, very fast paced hospital to work in however, you will learn a lot. Try and figure out what your interests are then apply.
  10. by   happyclinicRN
    I would recommend working at Aurora St Luke's. You will definitely learn a lot. I actually spent clinical time there in nursing school and enjoyed it a lot. The nurses were very nice and helpful and the CNAs were great as well. I was on several different floors and it was consistently nice.
  11. by   PedsHopeful
    What school did you go to? Im currently at Cardinal Stritch.
  12. by   happyclinicRN
    I went to gateway in Kenosha.