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Just continue answering and practicing. Im like that also 4 weeks before my exams. and Im worst when I was starting, im getting less than 50%. But two weeks before my test im doing 81-85% with persistence and motivation. Dont be upset when your getting low percentage it will eventually improve with consistent practice answering of questions. God bless your close to be RN, and it will happen just keep it up.


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thank you so much!

the first thing that came to my mind that time i took the nclex is my father who worked so hard just to send me to nursing school. i dont want to fail him and waste his hard work. dont memorize but analyze! God Bless u!


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No reason to become discouraged, just keep at it and you will pass. It is those who stop trying, that fail in the end.

hi there i just passed the nclex rn. Took it last 23rd of april. I wanted to pass the test so i can share my journey with other people and other nurses. To testify of my faith, and that my god truly exist. People listen to you when you win in life, because they see the results. Also, i want to take care of sick people, give them hope, and let them feel the genuine love and care that is comming from my heart and flowing into my hands. Patients do feel and know the difference of nursing care that is compassionate, compare to the nursing care out of just doing your job and getting your pay. Other reasons are; i want to have more money beacuse i can help a lot of people, drive nice car, nice house, and other material things, etc., i just really want to win in life so i can draw more people to my faith. Because it is my god who will make this things possible. Not my own strength, talent, or skills. And at the end of the day im just thinking that i will meet him, and be accountable to him.

Dont lose your confidence. God is merciful. Just do your best, study hard so god will know how serious you are in taking down this nclex beast. God bless your exams. You can make it!

very well said,,inspiring =')

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