Which NCLEX book do you recommend?

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I just graduated my BSN program May 9th. I am now in the process of preparing for the boards. Can anyone suggest which NCLEX book is the best to prepare from, Kaplan or Saunders?



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saunders or nclex RN review by mcgrawhill or go to their website http://www.mcgraw-hillmedical.com 2nd edition.:up:

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I liked the Saunders CDROM bundled with the NCLEX prep book. Very useful.

Don't forget to check out what books are available from your local library. FREE!


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Many people say they like Saunders Comprehensive Review. You can check out various review books at a bookstore to see what they look like and pick the one that seems to work for you.

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For a BOOK, Sauder's Comprehensive.

For test prep, Kaplan on-line NCLEX review.

I passed w/ 75.

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I used Kaplan. I read the book twice, used the test taking techniques and I would recommend reading that before using any other review books.

I passed NCLEX after 75 questions


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Many thanks to everyone for their recommendations. I am using the Saunders Comprehensive Review and Q&A and also doing a Kaplan Review Course at my school. I have not received my ATT yet but expecting it any day now. Will keep everyone informed of what's going on. Again thanks so much.:redbeathe


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i heard saunders good for nusring school exam and kaplan is best for nclex


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hi!anyone knows where can i buy preowned saunders book,3rd,4th or the latest edition,kaplan and other nclex reviewers?.i dont wanna shed lots of money in buying brand new books.it's so costly..hope to hear from you guys...thanks!


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I used Saunders for theory. I also bought a whole bunch of CDs with questions, but I didn't find them all that useful. Once you get a grasp of the answering strategies, I found those quizzes quite a waste of time. You either know/understand the answer or you don't. If you do, then you're wasting your time on that question, if you don't - then you need to study that topic again.

I initially started with Suzanne's plan (I bet you heard of it), but after going with it for few days I felt I was just wasting my time, not learning anything, just wasting my time. So I abandoned the questionnaires altogether and since then devoted my time solely to studying the book. Basically what happens is that in 2 hours you spend on doing questions you will learn 10-15 small separate facts without getting the whole picture of the topic in question... and which you will forget in a day since you won't be repeating them. In the same 2 hours you can learn tons of new facts from the book which will stay with you, because eventually you will repeat it again (I read the book cover to cover a few times... and once you read it, it's easier to recall familiar material and permanently remember it the next time.

Of course questions might seem like a more interesting and easier way to study... but I just don't believe they are even 10% as useful as spending the same time on reading.

I spent about 4 months on review (after 2 years from graduating from nursing school)... and passed with 75.

Bottom line is, there's no magic shortcut to the NCLEX. You just have to learn the damn material, period.


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what kind of kaplan book would you recommend the Q & A or the strategies?


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