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I just finished an LPN course throught the Board of Education. I feel like i dont remember any information lol. Besides that i have no idea where i should begin studying for the Nclex. Any advice from recent grads LPN or RN what route you used as far as studying that you feel was successful in passing the NCLEX.

Anything helps.

Thanxxxx :-)

Archerlpvn, LPN, LVN

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I used the Saunders comprehensive nclex pn review and just did a lot of the practice tests on the cd :)


Has 4 years experience.

Ready to Pass is a excellent review course IMO. You should definitely look into it.

I used the exam cram pn and Saunders comprehensive pn review. Those books were really helpful. I always did free questions I found online. On the day of the test just relax and don't over analyze the questions and answers:)