Where to Submit International Diploma Verification- DFA or PRC

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International RN graduate from the Philippines here. I have re-applied recently in CA-BON form NCLEX-RN since my initial application expired in 2019. I have received the International Diploma Verification form from the Board of Nursing. When I called BON this morning, I was informed that this form has to be submitted to DFA. I spoke with my nursing school, and they told me it should be submitted to PRC. Does anybody know where to send this to in the Philippines? I am currently in California and presently seeking to complete my requirements. Anybody who can shed light is greatly appreciated. 


Grece said:

It was recently, on 1/22/24. I was just wondering since the school sent them all the documents together and the BRN have reviewed them weeks after and showed this deficiency. Hopefully they are still in the process of reviewing it. I am just worried since I never filled out the IDV form. If it was the case, would I have to request for another apostille for the DFA to fill out the lower half of the IDV form?

Maybe they first reviewed the documents submitted by your school. If it was submitted last November or December. Regarding the IDV form, I don't know if you'll still need the Apostille for DFA to fill out the lower half of the IDV. 

@JS90, do I still have to bring the papers to CHED?

I remember from the receipt that was issued to me by the school, it says CAV (certified true copy of graduation) then the IDV. 
I'm picking it up on the same day and will bring to DFA for apostille.


Hi, I would like to ask who is the responsible to fill up the international diploma verification form? In my case I'm not an RN in Philippines. 

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