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  1. Hi, yes it should be included for their reference from the DFA. The person that I had mine processed she included it in the envelope.
  2. Yea, everything from DFA.
  3. Oh okay. Is it still sealed? If so, try to send it to the board. Mine was sent from the Philippines. I had my parents send the papers, works apostille, and stuff to the board. The board approved my application and the paperwork sent from th...
  4. Hi, Did you get your paperwork back from the DFA?
  5. You're welcome.
  6. This is how I did it: I sent the form to my school from there, and my school sent the state and some paperwork, or my transcripts, I guess, to Iloilo CHED, then CHED sent everything back to my school. I had my mom pick it up, and she processed ...
  7. Hi, yes, you still need to process that form. They just need to verify your diploma and that you graduated with a BSN.
  8. International Verification of Diploma

    Yes DFA Manila for Apostille.
  9. International Verification of Diploma

    In my case this is what happened: I had my mom drop off the form to my school. My school processed it and sent it to CHED Iloilo. CHED processed and sent the papers back to my school. My mom picked it up and sent it to someone from Manila and this pe...
  10. International Verification of Diploma

    You have to send the form to your school from there they're going to send it to CHED for authentication and the CHED will send the papers back to your school and then your family member will pick it up and send them to DFA Manila. I believe it has to...
  11. Hi, I’ve sent in my IDV and they approved my application. Get in touch with your nursing analyst.
  12. Failed NCLEX in 75 questions

    Congratulations Sara! 🥂🎉
  13. Failed NCLEX in 75 questions

    I took my exam yesterday at 8am and yes this is my first attempt. I really hope and pray that the PVT was wrong and that I passed.
  14. Failed NCLEX in 75 questions

    @coffee, just keep on studying. I was torn when I did the Pearson vue trick and I actually tried to change the CVV number it said incorrect and tried to put incorrect credit card number as well. So I told myself OK I assume I failed, so I just went a...
  15. Failed NCLEX in 75 questions

    @coffee. I used Rachel Allen review center, q banks, also did some Kaplan reading. I think I have to submit a “Reapply for Exam” application online besides paying $200 which I’ve already paid 😅. So I’m just waiting for official result and maybe purch...