Where are pregnant women working?

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Great question. I'm not pregnant, but I'm interested in the answers. Also, would you have to bring in proof of pregnancy? (if you're not already showing)

I guess the same could be asked of people who are immunocompromised? If they have a note, are they put elsewhere or is it a "tough-luck" situation?

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I'm pregnant and now on leave. Not an ideal situation, but my employer could not guarantee no exposure, they did try to place me elsewhere, but still couldn't guarantee no exposure even there. In honesty, I can't guarantee no exposure just going to the local store.

Hope this passes soon.



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They sent ours upstairs to other floors like med surg., same with immunocompromised; they did want a note from the latter.


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I'm on a L&D floor which is supposedly "low risk" but I don't know if any floor is really low risk. My manager denied my request for an unpaid personal leave. My occ health basically said it was unrealistic for me to expect to not have positive or suspected patients, even though my manager has told me she won't give me these patients. I don't really believe it's feasible, especially since we are expecting a surge within the next month. I'm trying to get a note from my doctor so I don't have to return right now. I just don't feel it's safe. I'm in Ontario, I know in Montreal they are currently not allowing partners in as a support person anymore during labour, because one partner had symptoms and lied so he could stay. I'm definitely concerned about patients and partners lying.