Should I disclose my pregnancy at my job interview?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

So I will cut to the chase; I am 3 months pregnant and have a promising interview for a perioperative position. But there is a 6-month perioperative training component. This is a dream job for me, but I am so torn if I should tell the employer that I am pregnant at the time of the interview. Or (if ) at the time of acceptance? Or when? I am just so scared to lose this opportunity. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Dear Scared,

Congrats on your pregnancy! 

You are not legally required to disclose your pregnancy, as you probably know, so it's more about what you feel is the right thing to do in light of the 6-month training.

If you disclose your pregnancy at the time of interview, they may not hire you. Of course, they won't say it's because you're pregnant, and there would be no way to prove it, but the reality is that pregnancy does affect employment opportunities. 

If you accept the job offer and then tell them you're pregnant, be prepared for awkwardness at the very least. The job is being offered with the understanding that you will complete a 6-month training, and they may feel you mislead them. They can't fire you for being pregnant but your manager will not be thrilled. The situation could cause you stress you don't need while pregnant.

If you are the best candidate, they may want to hire you regardless. 

I wish you the best in your decision, and stay healthy.

Nurse Beth

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Hi, @Nurse Beth, just a few points from the OR side that indeed do mean the person asking has other things to consider about if/when to disclose a pregnancy:

There are some precautions that pregnant staff need to be cognizant in the OR, so you may need to disclose your pregnancy sooner rather than later. X-ray may require additional monitoring. One employer I was with required staff to submit in writing notification of a pregnancy as soon as the staff knew. They then provided the staff with a second x-ray badge to be worn under the lead to monitor exposure to baby. Bone cement may be another issue.

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Thank you, Rose Queen! ?