Where are we on MCC waiting list? Stamped 4/08


Hi, my date/time stamp was 4/25/08 at 8:03:33. Anyone else close to me? Do you know where we are approximately on the waiting list?


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Hi, no idea of where we are. Mine was in Aug o8. I have tried calling several times to try and find this out. I keep getting directed to call someone else, then someone else, then am told; someone else will return my call. So far, no "someone" has. I would like to be able to plan my year out, one way or the other. Can I take a trip back East to see my kids and grandkids, can I start another class? etc. This way, you feel stuck and unable to do any preparation. Wish I could give you a better reply. Take care.


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Hey guys,

I've been waiting since October 2007 and I'm still not placed yet. Most likely you wont get in this Fall unless you work or volunteer at an affiliated Hospital with maricopa, that usually gets you in faster. If you don't work/volunteer at one of the affiliated hospital then you are probably going to be placed next year either spring or fall. I have a friend that has an application date of December 2, 2007 and she's still waiting too. so there's plenty of people waiting before april 2008.

--Hope that helps so you can plan your stuff you gota do:)


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Yes, thanks, that helps me. Guess I'm free to go and do whatever while I wait. Hopefully they don't start closing down programs anytime soon, have been following the news. Maybe I should give that up. Always bad these days.

I've got a time stamp of 04/2008 8:00:46, and my thought is that we will begin to be placed for the Spring 2010 semester. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part, but it sounds about right to me.:yawn:


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Sounds good to me. The coordinator did tell me it could be longer, but so many are dropping, or not getting grants due to the economy. So that could move those of us that can stick it out, up. Right now, I think I am more worried about program cuts. I have friends in education that say when they are turning out students, that can not get jobs in that field, in this type of economical atmosphere, that those are the programs they cut back on. New nurse grads, are not the experienced nurses in demand at this time. So many retired nurses, nurses I personally know, are going back to work; they have husbands who have lost their jobs, or have had their hours cut. Adult children who are in financial straits, whom they are helping. So this all takes a toll, down the line domino effect. Like all of us, I have worked hard, paid the price and finally got on the dang list; now to worry about what closing of some of the nursing progams can do to that list. My husbands pay went down. So a grant would be something now; I might need. And Calif is cutting grants for education and AZ seems to play follow the leader with what's happening on the coast. :( so who knows at this point, what will happen. Ahhh life, always something to worry about huh? Just hang tight, keep some positive thoughts, keep your mind active and cross bridges as you get to them. Not much else, really, one can do.

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i have a stamp for this past february (2/09). the advisor told me it's about 3-4 semesters out- starting with the semester following the one you received your stamp during, based on the number of people on the list and the capacity for each semester. so, he said my placement would most likely occur in 2011. i'm definitely going to try for banner fellows, i wanted to graduate by spring '11!

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also- they're placing for fall on the 24th this month. i hope all of you who've been waiting a while get in! good luck!


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Be prepared to wait awhile. Many people have been waiting for much longer than you and I and are still not in. My stamp is 02/22/08 at 08:00:51am. An advisor told me that I can expect to get into an RN program possibly in Spring 2010. I was originally told that it would be a 2 semester wait. I also only have 1 program selection (Glendale weekend/day), so that will surely extend my wait time.

I thought about doing the banner program to see if I could get in and speed up my wait time, but I can have been RN options my current employer, so I don't want to leave who I'm with and have a ball and chain to banner- even in these tough economic times. It is worth the wait and the risk.

Good luck!:up:


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I am glad to see people talking about the MCC waiting list. My date and time stamp is June 2008 @ 8:03. I was thinking I would get in Spring of 2010. I put 5 choices for my schools. Are some of you that have been waiting so long just putting a couple of choices?? I know one of you waiting since 2/08 said you put only one choice, that will make a big difference in not getting in for awhile. What about you prettypinkbubles? KMM03 since Oct. 2007, did you choose 5 schools? and what about Calbrunette with 4/08 date & time stamp? This waiting list mystery can really cause some life planning problems can't it? I thought it was moving a little faster according to the people I know, unless you are not putting 5 choices for schools. Would appreciate a reponse so I can figure out where a stand a little bit better. Thanks, and good luck to all of you who are in the same boat.


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Hi, I'm still on the waiting list...no word on a placement yet. I have 5 programs selected, my top 3 being the accelerated programs and the last two being traditional. However I have no interest in the traditional so I have no idea what I'll do if that's what I wind up with. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

I will be moving to AZ from CA just to attend nursing school so ideally I'll have a good amount of time to plan before I have to start.


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whoa, y'all are waiting 2 years to be placed into a program? 2 years? That is an eye-opener.

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