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Hey, all!

I am really interested in taking the Hurst Review course. I believe it is more of the content that I need to review and not so much test-taking strategies. I am on summer break until July and I will be done with classes in August. So should I wait until August to take this or should I take it now, in May, while I have nothing else to do?

Please advise. I am doing practice NCLEX questions each day, but it is slow-going and I don't know how I will manage to review all the material I need to on my own. I do better by listening to lectures than reading (more time-effective).

So should I do Hurst Review now or wait until right before I take the NCLEX in August?

Please advise!

Thanks. :)



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take it in august when classes are over...keep doing questions on your summer break and start reviewing your weak areas....but i believe a review class will be better when u are done with school......


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Yes I agree take it when you are able to give it 100 percent, if not you will have a hard time retaining and staying focused during the review.

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I am taking the Hurst Online Review. I have access for 90 days to all of the lectures and content. I graduate in July and have already started. I work and have 2 kids so this gives me the ability to listen to a lecture and then pick it up again when I can. I plan to do it twice since I have so much time. I also am doing questions and all of that in the mean time as well. Good Luck!


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I also think you should do this when you can give it all of your concentration. Good luck.