When you were a CNA or Student did anyone ever say anything offensive to you


As a CNA in the ED i was often the first staff member in a room to meet EMS if it was not a critical case. After transfering a patient an elderly lethargic man to the stretcher the medic asked me to sign for the patient but his partner realized i was not a nurse yet and he made this really offensive comment to me. He said," oh she just a C.N.A. You know what that stands for right? Cleans nuts and a$$! they had their little laugh. I was mad and also relieved the patient was not with it because it was so unprofessional. Another time I had to attend an inservice for CNAs with the Chief Nursing Officer about reporting skin integrity issues to the nurse. After being spoken to like a kindergartener, she opened up the floor for discussion on any issues and one of the aids asked why nurses got pull pay when they were sent to another floor than their own and CNAs didn't (i was in the ED so i never got pulled). I couldn't believe my ears when she flat out said, " its because you arent as important as the nurse is". Yep she actually said that!

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I was once told, "If it comes down to the nurse's word against the aide's word, I'm siding with the nurse...no matter who's right or wrong!" :cautious:

Another from an occupational therapist on her last day at work (thank god she quit), "I just wanted to let you know, Hygiene, that I was always really impressed with how intelligent you were, with your level of education." :arghh:

As for that ignorant EMT, who gives a crap!

I would have loved that you gave him a great witty come back, but at the same time, I'm glad you didn't and maintained your dignity.

I know I would be thinking, "Really? You're just a glorified cab driver... what the heck are you laughing at?"

Disclaimer: I know EMTs are not glorified cab drivers, but the rude CNA comment was not true either and it made me mad as heck to even read it!

:sniff: Jerk!

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It's well known that many EMTs look down on LTC LPNs. When one said "oh great a little play nurse" I replied "at least I make more than twelve bucks an hour."


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I don't typically encourage this type of behavior, but should these particular EMTs give you grief again, an under the breath "ambulance driver" could go a long way.

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Next time call him a "Cot Jockey" or "Cot Monkey" They love that!

And so nobody's knickers get in a twist. I AM a "Cot Jockey".

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There are jerks in every profession. It is something you have to deal with unfortunately.

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It happens, I once had an agency nurse who referred to me as Aide for the whole shift even though I told her numerous times what my name was. It just so happened that her and I were in the clean utility room at the same time and I gave her a colorful lecture as to how she should talk to me the next time we work together. I don't understand why she never came back :-]

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I remember the first time I was a student on a med-surg floor. There was a younger RN in there (I was 45) and I remember she said to me "Oh, LPN huh? You know what that means, don't you - little pretend nurse" And then she and her buddy were laughing it up. I was insulted for about, or 30 seconds or so, before I figured by the way she looked, her life must have been miserable, so she needed to put someone down to make herself feel good. Bully!

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Well, people are just rude. I wouldn't even have bothered to respond to the EMT. Why bring yourself down to his level?


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Being an EMT myself and about to start LVN school I can say their behavior is not typical. While at least from my personal experience EMT's tend to regard themselves higher up the food chain so to say than CNA's it's me or my crew would have never made a comment like that. Maintaining your professional integrity is paramount in medicine no matter where you are, and those EMT failed at that. I applaud you for maintaining your integrity and not saying something back.