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What's in Your Pocket?

adventure_rn specializes in NICU, PICU.

What's going on with your pockets?

  1. 1. What's going on with your pockets?

    • I've got a system.
    • I try to have a system, but it often goes awry.
    • It's a free-for-all in there.

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Call me crazy, but I'm very particular about keeping my nursing gear organized in my multitude of pockets. I always consider the number and location of pockets before buying a new pair of scrubs. Maybe it's because we carry so many supplies (pens, flushes, report sheets, trauma shears), but when I'm reaching for something, I want to know right where it is! Getting my stuff organized in my pockets is one of my small rituals before I walk out the door so I know I've got everything I need (right alongside checking to be sure I have my badge and keys).

For me it's:

Left scrub top main pocket: folding clipboard with report sheets, cell phone

Right scrub top main pocket: stethoscope (all alone theorethically, otherwise it pulls everything else out of the pocket and onto the floor when I grab for it); realistically, this becomes the 'catch-all' pocket for junk that I accumulate throughout the day (labels, unused supplies, etc.)

Right scrub top mini pocket: pens (sharpie, 4-color BIC, random black pens) and lip balm

Right cargo pant pocket: unit phone

Left cargo pant pocket: all the flushes I can fit

So how about you guys? Do you have a system, or are your pockets a free-for-all? Jennifer Garner wants to know...


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AJJKRN specializes in Medical-Surgical/Float Pool/Stepdown.

Left top scrub pocket: etoh pads, sterile iv caps, cough drops if I need them

Right top scrub pocket: pens, sharpie, erasable marker, pen light, scissors, med sheet timeline with staff floor phone numbers folded together to fit

Left pants scrub pocket: pager if I'm charge, pts meds if I have to stick them somewhere to be hands free

Right pants scrub pocket: work phone, stethoscope clipped on the side

Cargo pants pocket: flushes, flushes, flushes!

nursephillyphil specializes in Medical Oncology, ER.

left scrubtop pocket: 3 pens, stethoscope around my neck, vocera on scrub top. cell phone in my right front pants pocket, leatherman raptors on my waistband in its holster, chapstick in my left front pants pocket. All of my ER rooms are stocked with flushes, caps, alcohol wipes, gauze, etc so nurses have no need to keep anything on them beyond what i mentioned.

the only constants are my steth around my neck, and maybe a couple pens on my scrub top. everything else was either snuck in by a ninja, leftover from last shift, and 25% intentional

I am in school health so I have passes for returning to class, pens, highlighters, sharpie, thermometer and extra box of probe covers.

Oh wow! You guys have so much stuff

I carry one or two pens and piece of paper!

curious nature specializes in psych, dialysis, LTC, sub acute rehab, hospice.

Left scrub top inner pocket: work keys, alcohol pads; left outer scrub pocket: ruler paper strips, barrier cream, misc; right inner scrub pocket: pulse oximeter, highlighter; Rt outer scrub pocket: glucose test strips, lancets; back left pants pocket: Sure prep; back right pants pocket: sticky notes, gum; left front pants pocket, packaged meds, if necessary (briefly); right front pants pocket: lip balm, scissors; left leg pocket: stethoscope, flushes; right leg pocket: cell phone, pens, sharpie; right knee pocket: car key, personal medication.


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