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curious nature

curious nature ADN, RN

psych, dialysis, LTC, sub acute rehab, hospice

Mom, Oma, RN. Bachelor's degree in psychology, then went back for ADN.

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curious nature has 6 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in psych, dialysis, LTC, sub acute rehab, hospice.

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  1. curious nature

    What's in Your Pocket?

    Left scrub top inner pocket: work keys, alcohol pads; left outer scrub pocket: ruler paper strips, barrier cream, misc; right inner scrub pocket: pulse oximeter, highlighter; Rt outer scrub pocket: glucose test strips, lancets; back left pants pocket: Sure prep; back right pants pocket: sticky notes, gum; left front pants pocket, packaged meds, if necessary (briefly); right front pants pocket: lip balm, scissors; left leg pocket: stethoscope, flushes; right leg pocket: cell phone, pens, sharpie; right knee pocket: car key, personal medication.
  2. curious nature

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    I'm not a Mormon, but you could try outpatient dialysis where dialysis is traditionally MWF or TTS, and only on Sundays for major holiday weeks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's) so the patients can spend the holidays with their families.
  3. curious nature

    Dropping the "Nurse Card"?

    I was really tired after a double shift, and I was pulled over for going 5 miles over in a school zone (kids not yet out of school, but still), and the officer let me go with a warning after asking me where I was going (to post office, then home) and where I worked. I was so grateful! Not usually a speeder, just really tired. It's never happened again!!
  4. curious nature

    Critical question, please advise ASAP

    I would chart the caregivers are uncertified, if you know that is a fact.
  5. curious nature

    Long hair at the bedside

    Also with long hair, and wear it up every day for hygiene and convenience. If your bun gets too tight and/or hurts, try just twisting it up in a bun and use small to medium claw clips to hold it in place. I find them to be perfect even with thick hair, as they can be readjusted easily. I've seen some nurses and other bedside staff with hair down, and I don't know how or why they do it!
  6. curious nature

    If not nursing what other career would you have done?

    Horticulturist. Nice, quiet plants with no families. . ..
  7. curious nature

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!

    Best wishes to you, Cocoa Puff. I think many nurses can relate to your frustrations, especially the unrealistic and sometimes dangerous expectations. Having anxiety and depression over work is no way to live. Personally, I have changed jobs due to that very issue, and others. Take care and thank you for your honest disclosure. God bless.
  8. curious nature

    Rehab nursing vs PP vs State job

    Still just me here with apologies for the previous wordy post. I'll be figuring this job thing out shortly, as I don't want to take a position because it's the first one offered, and then quit for something better (or so I think!). The rehab job has been offered, but with lower pay than originally stated, so that's off the table. I'll keep looking. Thanks everybody who even looked this way.
  9. curious nature

    Rehab nursing vs PP vs State job

    I've been offered a day position as a rehab nurse at a very respectable, not-for-profit LTC facility 5 minutes from my home with good benefits. Additionally, I am looking at a possible night position as a post-partum nurse at another great facility where I once worked for 12 years with a well-known women's services department, and also a regulatory state job with great benefits. I'm torn between all of them, as each has something special to offer. I'm also working to completing a BSN online within a year. I am a young, mostly healthy 61, but not able to lift or pull much, so trying to maximize the time I have left without further injuries. Nursing is a second career, and I'll work FT as long as I can. Not too sure about going to night shift with school, since I've mostly worked days or evenings and 8's instead of 12's. Eventually, I'd like to do case management. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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