What's Your Favorite Brain food???

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You know what I am talking about... up all night, trying to read words that just keep getting smaller and smaller, suddenly, your stomach screams "I NEED FOOD" :)

What is your favorite thing to feed it when it starts craving things when you are hitting the books?

My favorite is pizza, or good pretzels, puppy chow (chex cereal with chocolate and peanut butter covered in powdered sugar).

What do you crave??



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:DMINI MILKY WAY BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course they are located in my bottom desk drawer so no one else knows I have them!! LOL!:p


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I absolutely LOVE Heath Bars and BBQ Pizza!!!! Not EXACTLY health food.


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BBQ pizza?? Sounds odd, whats on it?

I love Milky Ways too!


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By the way Brandy, I forgot to mention that those milky ways helped me to get a "B" in every class (including A&P II)!! So, they are my best buddies for the next 3 years!! LOL!


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I would have to say Heath bars or those dark chocolate Milky Ways!!

Late night study food...Chinese for sure!!

Channa :)


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Taco Bell!!! Thank Goodness they're open late. :p

Otherwise, it's a dash to 7-11 for ANYTHING chocolate.


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Snickers!! Enough said! :D


Well, it's not healthy at all, but a Blizzard from Dairy Queen is always my first choice. If I'm too lazy to drive to the DQ :rolleyes: , Papa John's delivery is always a phone call away. Food/ice cream from the DQ has always been my "comfort food." Probably because it was the only fast food restaurant in my home town!

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Popcorn + the never ending coffee pot!!

Couldn't live without it!:D


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Pepsi, Pepsi, and more Pepsi!:rolleyes:

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On the healthy side I enjoy peanut butter and apples. On the unhealthy side gummy bears and sinckers or chocolate cover almonds.:)

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