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I am a nursing student halfway through a 4yr. BSN program. For the summer, I am working as a CNA

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  1. yellow rose

    HIPPA violation.....question

    When a patient is admitted, the nurse has to explain HIPPAA and the 4-digit PIN number to the pt. The number is given to them, and they give it out to whoever they want. If anybody calls asking for info, they must provide this number. It's not too much of a pain, but we have had some very angry family members. Also, some nurses don't follow the policy. I hear this a lot- "Well, I called last night, and the other nurse told me everything I wanted to know!"
  2. yellow rose

    How many IVs....

    Our last semester we had to start Iv's on one another in lab..and it was terrifying! But it was a really good experience...nurses were then more likely to let us "attempt" while we were in clinical. When I graduated, I was the only new grad in my program who had any experience at all...skimpy as it was! Plus, patients are much more tolerant of students "practicing" than "real" nurses!! Soak up all the experience you can!
  3. yellow rose

    Why can't I be a nurse?

    I sympathize with you....I'm 22 and a new grad! I've been asked several times "Are you sure you're old enough to be a nurse?" On my 21st b-day, I was working as an lpn at the time, and I told a pt it was my birthday. The reply "Happy Birthday! You'll be able to get your drivers license now!" On night shift, I am affectionately known as "Lil Bit" or "punkin head." Usually I just laugh it off...and remind them that I am a nurse w/ a license.
  4. yellow rose

    How much did your education cost?

    Approximately 20,000 for a BSN, not including books, lab fees etc...I don't even want to think about how much I spent on books!
  5. yellow rose

    GNs/NEW RN's-- How much $$ are you getting per hour?

    New Hampshire $18.37 6.50 -night 1.75- evening and weekends Nothing for having a BSN!
  6. yellow rose

    Nurses caps!

    Our nursing school required caps...as well as blue pin striped dresses.... and we all hated them! My cap fell off too many times to count, in addition to getting tangled in multiple IV lines. Getting the stripes on our cap was a very proud moment but also exciting...we never had to wear the thing again!!:)
  7. yellow rose

    Your School Curriculum

    About drug calc... we had to take an entire class on dosage calculations. We did this our freshman yr (while we were still pre-nsg. majors) A passing grade of C- in the class was requried for entrance to the nsg. program. After we got thru that, we have to take a dosage calc. test every semester and pass with a 90% or better before we can begin clinical. Calculators are permitted after the soph. year. That is a very good thing.:) About clinical- we did six weeks of lab b/f clinical where we had to demonstrate every skill, and were graded on it. Then, the first time we performed that skill in the hospital, we had to have our instructor with us, to be "passed" on it. I must say though, although they are tough, my instructors were awesome, always willing to give extra help on what to them must have seemed incredibly mundane.:)
  8. yellow rose

    Men vs. Women

    Just thought I'd add my"student two cents" Someone mentioned that nurses have a great deal of autonomy in LTC. I have spent the last three months on an extended care/rehab unit, and this is definitely true. In all but the most serious of cases (which usually end up transferring to acute care) the charge RN will tell the doctor what the pt. needs, and he will give a telephone order. Most of the time, this works very well. :)
  9. yellow rose

    sticker shock and afternoon sleepies

    Doodle!! I always found it so intersting when I went back over my notes to copy or study or whatever, to see what I was REALLY thinking about. It was interesting to see how little my mind was actually on Micro/anatomy/organic chem. etc... :) Good luck!!
  10. yellow rose

    What's Your Favorite Brain food???

    Popcorn + the never ending coffee pot!! Couldn't live without it!
  11. yellow rose

    What are we doing?

    I can't believe that it's time to start school already. I leave for school Sept 3rd. Until then, I'll keep working full time as a nursing assistant. This job, although definitely not glamorous, is a great one to have. B/C I never worked in a hospital before, I needed the experience of working with patients everyday, concentrating on the person instead of the academic. I've also gotten to work with some awesome nurses, who have given great advice. Good luck to everyone!! Study hard!!
  12. yellow rose

    What has been your Favorite Class?

    Wow- my favorite class is a really tough call. I loved Pathophysiology, but I think it has a lot to do with the teacher. The nurse who taught our Patho class was one of the smartest, scariest, and nicest instructor I have ever met. I also thoroughly enjoyed Advanced Pharm- much more so than Basic Pharm. :) What was everybody's least favorite class? Mine would have to be a tie between organic chemistry and English grammar.
  13. yellow rose


    At my school, basic pharm is taken before any meds are ever given. Then, advanced pharm is taken the following semester! These classes are some of the hardest that I have taken so far- but I can't imagine not having them! Tip- learn the mechanism of actions!! Not only are they favorite test questions, if you can know how a drug does what it does, it becomes much easier to figure out side effects. Good Luck!!! :)
  14. yellow rose

    How many are in your year's class?

    At my school, also a four yr. BSN, nobody is officially a nursing student until their sophomore year. Anybody who wants to be can be a pre nursing student, only 90 people are admitted to the soph. yr. Our class started with 130 freshman year, and now it's down to somewhere between 70-80 (with two years to go)
  15. yellow rose

    How nerdy are we?

    I have a 3.96- ny nsg. is a 4.0, I got a B in a general ed. history class! How dumb is that?
  16. yellow rose

    Co-workers with poor grooming habits

    I am a nursing student at a very traditional school. We are required to wear caps to clinical, which nobody likes, and students from other schools make fun of. However, I have recieved comments from pts- mostly elderly- about how nice it is to see a "nurse that looks like a nurse." Caps can get in the way though- one of my friends was changing an incontinent brief, and her cap fell into the soiled one. Nasty!!