Whats wrong with Ltc facilities??(vent)


Hi all,

I am currently a student and hope to be enrolled in the Lpn program by 2009.When I took the Cna course I at first believed I would actually be assisting the nurse and hoped to work in a hospital. Well needless to say as the course went on and we had our clinical's I realized a Cna was no more than a baby sitter to the elderly and no other age group! I could never get a job working in a hospital because they would always look for experience and so now I've been working for Ltc facilities and absolutley hate it, I would sooner love to be working in an office then deal with some of the people I am surrounded by, but don't want to loose my certification. This is the third facility I am working for and each place was and is filled with drama.

I am sick of being treated like a nobody, especially by the higher educated. The nurses and even the activities people look down on all of us and constantly accuse us of being lazy. I work on a very heavy floor, and I can tell you I'm 25 and my back is killing me every day. They see us sit down for five minutes and say where not doing anything, I don't know about any of you but I can't stand on my feet non stop for eight hours! While the nurses pass meds and then sit at there desks doing paper work, not to say there jobs are not frustrating but they can actually sit down at there desks we have to go hide in a corner.

There are alot of older Cna's that belive they run the floor, they constantly check one anothers work and tell on eachother alot. My Don does not want to work with my school schedule and for some reason keeps telling me they prefer not to employ Cna's part-time, I don't get this! I want to take on a heavier course load so that I can get it over with as fast as possible. I was wondering if anyone knew of any private duty agencies that actually had a good client base. Maybe even a hospital that actually hire's Cna's for more than just changing diapers all day!

Thank you

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I'm so sorry to hear about all of the problems you've been experiencing in LTCFs. I have worked in LTC for 2 years, and I can definitely attest to the fact that this segment of healthcare does have its share of issues that need to be worked out. At my place of employment, working conditions are so threadbare and short-staffed to the point that 1 CNA can be responsible for up to 28 patients on a really bad day.

A good CNA is worth his/her weight in platinum, because they provide much of the basic care. They have the ability to keep the patients happy, dignified, and respected. They have the ability to report changes in condition to the nurse and, therefore, can save lives in the process. Bluntly, the CNA does the work that many people admit to never wanting to do.

Your job is important, so don't think otherwise. Good luck with your future pursuits of the LPN program.

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Well it sounds like you have had it up to here! I don't know where you work but at my facility we VALUE our CNA's. We all know that the show can't go on without them. As far as the nurse's, until you become one please don't judge them either, our job is JUST as difficult as yours just in a different way. Sitting down to do paper work is a MUST. We did not ask for it. I would personally love to have more time to spend with my residents and BE ON MY FEET. LTC is so different from hospitals, doctors office etc. Maybe this is just not your area of care. Good luck.


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My hospital does employ NAx in the active treatment floors. Not many and only on day and evening shifts.

Have you thought about homecare agencies. Up here we call NAs that work in homecare "Personal Care Aides". They go to homes help with dressing, grooming, some meal set up, set out meds, and leave.

It's just an option to look into.

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Our hospitals often require that families hire a CNA as a sitter for clients that aren't able to remain safe by themselves. I wish you luck in finding a job you enjoy because a competent and responsible CNA is a gift from heaven.


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i must say i have heard my share of nas say that about nurses sitting behind the desk. i agree with lil' girl, you should not comment on this until you've worked as a nurse. i was an aid 3 years before i was a nurse and i too thought the same thing. now that im a nurse i watch my nas leaving @ 730 to go home to their families while im stuck "sitting" doing paperwork until 10pm. as far as your value, you run the place. sometimes when nurses are not nas before they become nurses, they dont really understand. believe me i feel your pain. i was 18 and my back and feet would hurt so bad. it sounds like maybe you need to find a new job. stnas are one of the biggest needs, so you shouldnt have a problem. dont be afraid to ask questions, turnover rate?? flexibility?? before you "choose" a job. you are the backbone of your facility. stay positive....all ltc facilities arent bad.;)

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I was a CNA before I became an LPN, so, I KNOW it is a physically demanding job and it can be demoralizing depending on where you work. However, now, as an LPN, I see that there is much more to nursing than just 'sitting at the desk barking orders". When you become an LPN or eventually an RN, you will see that we are accountable for everything, including what the CNA does or does not do. Now, imagine, being yelled at for something you have not seen happen, yet, writing statements, assessing (or data gathering in the case of the LPN) of things that another person has done or neglected to do.

I hope that you are able to find the position that works for you, and that you receive the respect and value that you offer. Believe me, whether it is appreciated or not, a nurse cannot be successful without a good CNA.


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Well put!!:nurse:


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Being a CNA is what you make of it. Many residents dont have family that come and visit. Therefore the staff at the nursing home become their "family". When I was a CNA I always looked beyond the hard labor to what a big difference I was making in these peoples lives. I brought a little sunshine into their otherwise dreary world. There is alot of satisfaction to be gained from being a CNA but you have to expand your mind and see the person not the work. I have experienced being picked on by nurses who didnt know me but believe me when the end of the night came and they had witnessed the hard work AND heart I brought to the job they were thanking me. Being a CNA has made me a excellent nurse. I think you should milk all the experience you can from it. Good Luck!!

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