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  1. natkoz1982

    Triton College Nursing

    Hello, Congratulations on being accepted! I was wondering if you could give me with any information regarding the program? Any little bit will help, I needed to know if they accepted LPN's into the program or not? Also what GPA did most of the students have when entering the program? Does it help if you are a currently employed as a CNA and have a background with heavy patients ie, suctioning, catheterizing, G-tube etc..Do they ask? Thank you.
  2. natkoz1982

    Triton College Admission?

    Any current or past Triton Nursing students? I wanted to know if anyone had transferred over from LPN to RN and was it difficult to do? What GPA did most students enrolled in the program have? Also, is it true that if you don't pass at least two tests with a score of 77 or more you flunk out of the program? I hear so many different stories, I am going to attend the next up-coming information session, but hearing it from a current or former student would be of great help. Thanks.
  3. natkoz1982

    Any Triton College Students?

  4. natkoz1982

    Any Triton College Students?

    I am two semester away from having my requirements finished, I was wondering if anyone here had any of the math/ Psychology and or Anatomy books available. If so please let me know. Thanks.