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We know that change is difficult. But, to NOT change is fatal. Technology is changing so fast that we have to keep up or fall behind. Mobile growth is growing by leaps and bounds. Nurses Announcements Archive Article

This article no longer applies to allnurses.com starting 2019.

Below is an outline of some of the changes we made as of this date. A new mobile app and mobile style will accompany these changes in the next few weeks. Our goal is to create a unifying experience across different types of devices. ie. computers, tablets, phones, etc.

Items that we will talk about in this article...

  1. Tool Bar Options (What's New, MarkRead, Get Daily, etc)
  2. Sidebar Likes / Replies
  3. Content Bar
  4. Search Improvement

Tool Bar Options

The Tool Bar will consists of the following:

  • What's New
  • How To Use Site
  • Add/Remove To Favorites
  • Breakroom
  • Mark Read
  • Get Daily

The Mark Read and Get Daily (aka Last 24) will now be found next to the What's New and How To Use Site links. This area is called the Tool Bar.

Mark Read and Get Daily are optional. You will have to go into Account / Edit Settings to enable.

When enabled just hover over the buttons. The links will appear whenever you move your cursor near that area.

For example...


For the entire 2013 year, these options were seldom used (less than 0.5% of our traffic). Instead of removing them altogether we are making them available to you but you must enable them. We found that the majority of our users do NOT click on these options when reading a topic. They click on it when on main page or on a forum page.

For those who want it on every page, you can bookmark the following links and save it to your Browser's Favorite.

What's New

Get Daily

NOTE: What's New and Mark Read work differently when on a forum page vs the main page. Please read the tooltip that's provided when you move your cursor over the options.

What's New

  1. If you are on the main page, clicking What's New will display ALL posts.
  2. If you are on a forum page with sub-forums, clicking What's New will display ONLY the latest posts found in that forum and its sub-forums. For example, if you are only interested in new posts in our Critical Care nursing forum click on Critical on the main navigation and then the What's New button. You will only get new posts from the Critical Care forums.

How To Use Site

Click here to learn how to use the site; This is a large site. There's so much to learn.


Click here to get away from nursing; You can discuss family, debate politics, finance, dieting, movies, and more. The BreakRoom is a place for nurses and students to take a breather from the nursing world.

Mark Read

  1. If you are on the main page, clicking Mark All Read will mark ALL forums read.
  2. If you are on a forum page with sub-forums, clicking Mark Read will mark ONLY that forum and its sub-forums.

Get Daily - click here to display new posts created in the last 24 hours.

Sidebar Liked / Replies

The sidebar Liked/Replies news block is now set to display topics for each main category. For example, if you are on Students it will display Liked/Replies for that section ONLY. If you are on Critical Care, it will display Critical Care topics only ... same with the other main sections


Content Bar

The screenshot below is the Content Navigation bar. It's found throughout the site. It's a great way to filter topics by content type. The idea behind the Content Bar is to improve user experience. We wanted to make it easy for you to find articles, reviews, photos, etc on any forum you visit.


Breakdown of tabs...

All - This is the default behavior when browsing through a forum. Clicking on this will list all topics in a forum and it's sub-forums. When on the main page, it will list all topics found throughout the site.

Articles - This is the default behavior when on the main page. Clicking on this will list all articles found throughout the site. When browsing the forums, it will list only articles found in that forum and any sub-forums it may have.

FAQs - When browsing the forums, this will list all Stickies (now called Frequently Asked Question) found when browsing that forum and it's sub-forums. When on the main page, this will list all Stickies found throughout the site.

Photos - List all photos in a forum; Coming soon

Jobs - Looking for a job? Click here to see what nursing jobs are available in your area.

Degrees- Advance your career today! Visit to get information directly from the source. Highly respected and accredited universities offering Registered Nurse to BSN, RN to MSN, LPN to BSN, Forensic Nursing, LPN and LVN programs and much more.

Yes, sorting topics is still available


Search Improvement

Search can now be found on the sidebar globally. In addition, you will find an extra search feature on forum and topic pages. When on a forum page, the search function can be found right after the topic list. This feature will do a search for keywords only in that forum. On topic pages, you will find the search function at the bottom of the pagec. This function is only visible when comments are greater than 30.

Main search (powered by Google):


You can now search per section when using our main search (powered by Google):


You can search for a specific topic when on a forum (found at the bottom of the page):


Looking for a specific comment on a long thread? Now you can find it (found at the bottom of the page):


We also improved our 404 (Not Found) pages.


WARNING: If you have an ad blocker installed on your browser you will not be able to use search. Our search is powered by Google.

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You broke it, Sweet_Wild.

With the Opera browser, the posts alternate between pale blue and grey, which I like. I didn't like the tan that I saw with IE earlier today. JMHO

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The last 3 posts by cali, me and SWR are all gray-ish, using Chrome.

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It just switched for me. Now Joe V is blue and everyone else is tan/gray.

yup, pale blue, very pale, and light gray. IE

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Based on feedback and our growing mobile usage we made some changes to the Like button.

* Like button will now be found after post content.

* Like button is now in text format to make it easier for new members to find.

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I "like" this.

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