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So yesterday I was looking after this guy with rhabdo, who came in with a CK of 243,100 and I was wondering - what's the highest value you've seen? Not necessarily CK, any value.

An example, for example - I had a woman who had a glucose of 120.8mmol/L. I don't know how to translate that into the US scale, but the normal range is around 4 - 9 in a well-controlled diabetic.

Same patient, different admission - triglycerides 8.1 (0.0 - 2.0), cholesterol 22 (?

Highest K+? 7.6mmol/L (renal patient)

Urea - 48.6, creatinine 1.18!!! (same patient, normal levels in June this year)

Highest BP 310/145 (stroke patient)

Do we have any other contenders?

ERNurse752, RN

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Blood alcohol 771 in a guy who was conscious and coherent. Only c/o abd pain. He's a frequent flier...drinks Listerine when he can't buy beer.


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I've seen a Ca level of 17, a K of 8 and a triglycerides of over 1800... all in preemies. And going the other way, I've also seen a BP of 16/10 in a preemie.

HappyNurse2005, RN

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holy shnickity! 310/145 bp! wow. there was a guy today who had a BUN of 98, umm...saw someone iwth a low level, of platelets at 17,000.

love, rose


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My mother developed ITP in her 70s. Her platelets had dropped to below 5,000 when they did her splenectomy. She did not have a spontaneous remission though ("60% of cases"), and her platelets remained below 100,000, even on steroids.

Many years ago we had an OB patient with a familial form of hyperlipemia. After this length of time, I can't remember which blood fats were involved, but I do remember that they were impossibly high and that we had her on hyperal for awhile because she couldn't tolerate oral feedings. She did have a healthy baby, and her lipid levels returned to her normal within a few weeks or months.


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platelets at less than 2500.....chemo pt


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I had a patient with K+ of 9.3. Obviously she was very sick, but she was A&O. I forget what her telemetry showed. Eventually her levels came down.

southern rn

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Hgb 3.0

Troponin 45


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I have seen a potassium of 8.4, BUN of 160 and a creat of 11 in a dialysis pt.

I have also seen a cpk of over 300,000, (but over 100,000, the value is meaningless).


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H/H of 1 and 4. Young post-hysterectomy patient bled out at home and in ED. Pt went to surgery but stroked out. Withdrew care on my shift. :crying2:


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H/H of 1 and 4. Young post-hysterectomy patient bled out at home and in ED. Pt went to surgery but stroked out. Withdrew care on my shift. :crying2:

I think, shortly before he passed away, that my Dad had a PSA of either 13,000 or 17,000. The visiting nurse who changed the dressing on his nephrostomy said it was the highest she had heard of.



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I personally came into the ER with an Amylase of 30,000 and a Lipase of 15,000 (I had hemolyzing necrotizing pancreatitis).

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