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I do love the jogger style and the cottony feel of figs but, you are right, they are really expensive. Plus I need talls, so that lowers the chances of sales. I was told that the buttersoft joggers that UA sells are similar, so I ordered some. I will try to. Remember to post something once they come, to let anyone know how they fit and feel.


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Checked uniform labels and verifying that the UA brand that is equivalent to Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch is Flex 2. They discontinued original Flex.

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Cheaper Dickier. More expensive kio.

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Skechers and Healing Hands/Purple Label! I love the way they hang. Straight outta the dryer, no ironing needed.

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Healing Hands Works! I just got these UA buttersoft today though, they're SO silky and fit SO well! I'll be buying many more in different colors!

I also love BeneFit scrubs.


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On 5/21/2020 at 8:19 PM, blueskiesandsunshine.PRN said:

Just got hired as a PCT/nurse extern on a telemetry floor (yay!) and I am in the market for scrubs. My school has us wear Cherokee Workwear Revolution brand and they are honestly quite comfortable...but I am unsure if I can compare a 5 hour clinical to three (12) hour shifts. What are your favorite scrub brands in terms of value, comfort, and style? Not in the market to buy FIGS or Jaannuu (spelling?) because I am on a college student's budget ?

Jaanuu. I buy them when they are 30% off!


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Benefit! Super comfortable, good company, veteran owned, I believe. 

I also want to post a warning about Affinity Medwear scrubs. They were all over my instagram, so I ordered a set. The royal blue is off from my organization's royal blue, so I had to return. They are basically trying to drag out the return until I forget about it, I think. At first they told me no returns allowed, although the website clearly states returns possible within 30 days. Then they sent me dead hyperlinks to generate return labels, and have now stopped replying to email. No phone number or address is listed on the site. I had to open a BBB claim, and then I found out they have multiple other BBB claims against them. Ugh. 


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I like the Cherokee Infinity scrubs!! They are silky and do not wrinkle easily. The length is also perfect for me because I am petite. Definitely would recommend!

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