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What the word N.U.R.S.E. stands for

Hawaiian Hawaiian (New) New

Here's a YouTube video of what the word "NURSE" really stands for! It's about time we get some public respect!

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embedded video into thread ;)


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'Love it - thank you :yeah::up:

JeanneRN83, BSN

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That was great! Well, and being a cat lover makes even more enjoyable. Thanks for posting.:clphnds:

tewdles, RN

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Was that video made by one of allnurses own?


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That was awesome!

and the cat was cracking me up! lol

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I like it!:yeah::smokin::bowingpur:bowingpur

I think that was just "purrfect" :yeah:


it took a lot of balls to make that video.:anpom:



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nice video. whats the title of the back ground song?


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I believe the song is La Vida by Coldplay.


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