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tobby_walter specializes in medical surgical nursing, MAN-MSN.

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  1. hi! i have expired license with Saipan. and i was not able to process the renewal for quite sometime now, how do i decide which application to submit, either renewal or reinstatement. any help is a great deal. thank you

  2. Their admission to IHNA is very simple and easy, no interview, just very straightforward . Enroll now as the slot are filling up very fast. Hopefully you can still avail the March intake nextyear so we will be classmate haha
  3. Go where you can save more regardless of the quality of education unless your rich and can afford the expensive fee for bridging course . It does not matter anyway since its just weeks only and the end result is be an RN there :-) if your after of quality of education better go to University that offer bridging course . Good luck :-)
  4. Hello there, Im also for March intake under IHNA :-)
  5. No template needed, just inform them its for AHPRA the COGS :-)
  6. Nope Im in for March 2017 intake. Same here also planning to apply for visa by end of this year December í ½í¸„
  7. from what I understand for IHNA requirements if you were vaccinated with the said diseases all you have to do is the serology test on that specific vaccine to find out if your positive or negative. If positive antibodies then no need to have it again. Then the rest are mandatory for influenza, meningococemia, mrsa, booster for DPT. All the result can send to their email . Anyway did you recieve your confirmation of admission from them or are you done with initial payment of the 1,500aud$?
  8. Im about to pay for my IHNA intake next year.. In the process of reading the list of requirements they sent to my email :-)
  9. Any feedback from La Trobe university? Im considering it as well as they give student visa for a 13wks bridging course. May i know also how much is the show money if student visa?
  10. it would be nice if I can have my intake on Feb 2017 so i have somebody here in forum to join in as Im afraid to be on my own there hehe, unfortunately I will have my intake im March 2017 are you done with visa and immunisation requirement for IHNA?
  11. thank you for the feedback I was rooting for monash university but after reading it Made me think twice again and stick to IHNA :-)
  12. Which month or year intake are you going for the ihna?
  13. Melbourne but the assigned RO on my case is from Perth
  14. May i know what type of visa did you apply & how much the show money they require? Is there anaffordable nearest accomodation in the IHNA campus your going to?
  15. Finally I received my LOE in just 3wks ... School hunting mode :-)

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