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voraciousj has 2 years experience and specializes in Telemetry, M/S.

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  1. voraciousj

    What do you think of chiropractors?

    I love my chiropractor...he's saved me more times than I can count! I have arthritic hips at the tender age of 30, so I go see him often!
  2. voraciousj

    CDC advice on Zombies

    OMG this is wonderful!!!
  3. voraciousj

    Code Brown

    Short answer: yes.
  4. voraciousj

    Comfort Food After a L o n g Shift

    Pizza, wings, and an ice cold brewski!
  5. voraciousj

    Anyway to get cigarette smell out of a stethoscope?

    Try googling Heloise...I know she has some great tips for removing odors from various objects. While I don't think that there were stethoscope specific tips, perhaps you could just adapt some of her suggestions to your situation. Good luck!
  6. voraciousj

    men in printed scrubs

    Suesquatch, would that be the "honey" pot?
  7. voraciousj

    Patient who shoves

    If they're AxO...call the cops.
  8. voraciousj

    How do you wear your hair for work?

    If you type "sock bun" into youtube, there's a couple really great videos that detail it. Really easy!
  9. voraciousj

    How do you wear your hair for work?

    I do a "sock-bun". Super easy, looks neat, and I don't worry about my hair all over the place either. All you do is take a knee length sock, cut off the foot part and roll the remainder into a donut shape. Pull your hair into a ponytail, thread the ponytail through the donut, fan the hair over the donut secure with an elastic and then wrap the remainder of the hair around the bun and secure with another elastic. Takes all of 2 minutes to do and lasts 12+ hours!
  10. voraciousj

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    I answered a call light of another nurses patient yesterday. When I went in and asked the LOL what she needed, she pointed at the TV screen at Tina Faye and asked me who she was and why she was on Oprah. I told that was Tina Faye, and I did not know why Oprah would have her on. *sigh*
  11. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew of what a nurse with a MSN in Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Nursing could do. What sort of agencies could one work for? I'm thinking that the Department of Health, FEMA, Office of Emergency Management, etc could be a few options but I was hoping someone could shed more light on the subject for me. I currently have a background in Disaster Prep from my pre-nursing life and thoroughly enjoyed the work I did and would like to apply my combined skills to that career field. I just want to be sure that there would be employment opportunities after spending the cash for a MSN. Thanks!
  12. voraciousj

    Med Surg Tech Orientation from Hell!!

    I was a tech on a Med-Surg floor and had 16 pts to myself. It does jelp you with some time management skills and learning how to deal with the pts. Stick it out....you will be running you tookas off as a RN too.
  13. voraciousj

    Hand sanitizer destorying my hands

    I find that slathering my hands with A & D ointment and then wearing socks over them while I sleep has helped with my hands. You look funny and smell kinda weird, but your hands will thank you!:heartbeat
  14. When I transferred to my 4 year college my GPA from my 2 year college came with me. I still graduated cum laude though...
  15. voraciousj

    What the word N.U.R.S.E. stands for

    That was awesome! and the cat was cracking me up! lol
  16. voraciousj

    Malpractice Insurance?

    I just bought mine through NSO.com. There's a huge thread on this subject on allnurses.com. I will say though, that I felt so much better once I had purchased it though...(I'm a new grad as well fyi)