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COLA increase for 2011


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Hello all and happy (belated) Veteran's Day!

Just wondering if anyone was aware of what the 2011 COLA increase was going to be. Thanks!

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Last I heard the pay raise is to be 1.4%. As far as a COLA increase for the areas that recieve it I have not heard.

Sorry Duplicate

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Hello all and happy (belated) Veteran's Day!

Just wondering if anyone was aware of what the 2011 COLA increase was going to be. Thanks!

Sadly the answer is no. :crying2: From the SS web site

Under existing law, there can be no COLA in 2011. Why? As determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is no increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) from the third quarter of 2008, the last year a COLA was determined, to the third quarter of 2010

However; Medicare will be increased. 70% of the people will be exempt if they do not make over a certain amount but no one can find out what they are saying that amount is. So some of us may actually go down on our benefits.

Something to think about. Last year alone there was over 14 billion dollars :eek:in unclaimed income tax refunds. Over 3 billion:eek: in SS tax taken out, not to mention the billions in other taxes in the US of people working illegally under illegal SS numbers.

Since 911 as soon as a duplicate SS number is used a red flag is issued. So our government is aware of this. However they are also aware these undocumented aliens cannot file tax returns. This is not new its been going on every year for decades. Our SS system is rich in money but no one talks about where this money and the millions in interest a year is. Not to mention Federal witholdings, State, FICA, Local and other taxes taken from the paychecks of those using duplicate SS numbers.

Yet seniors are being hit hard, forced back into the work place to again pay taxes yet never will see a dime of it, nor will our kids our their kids. We are being duped and I see nowhere this is being addressed. I have called the news channel advocates, and no one will listen or give a answer to where this money is.

Its time. Please start posting these questions everywhere. If we continue to let them lie and cover this up we are all going to look back as this year as a good one compared to what they will do to us next and our families after. Make them tell us where the money is.

And why if things are so good congress again got a raise this year? Way above anything SS, Disableled or Veterans have ever seen.

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COLA in this format has nothing to do with social security. This is a military form of extra payments to offset the costs of living in certain duty stations most often in overseas assignments, but also in some more expensive CONUS assignments.

Sorry It did not say anything but ask if there was a COLA for 2011. I did a SS COLA search and this came up, again sorry delete it if you choose. I am a nurse husband a vet so you can maybe see the misunderstanding.. God Bless

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