What will you do....


when you get that first acceptance letter?:balloons:

I think I will run around my house screaming, bust out my front door and run up and down the street screaming with tears of joy streaming down my face. I may break out in song, too. :lol2:



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I forgot to add, that after that I will probably go out for some vegetarian delight and drink maybe 10 glasses of wine.;)


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I'm with you on the wine thing. ;)

I don't know what I will do when I get that letter...I just want to get it! I think most of my stress lately has been worrying about rejection. I'm so ready to begin, and if I don't get in, I think I will be devastated. I'm trying not to put all of my eggs in one basket, but that's a challenge in itself. I guess I'll keep praying like I have, and studying hard.



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When I get that letter I will do the happy dance.... :monkeydance:

(and have a couple glasses of wine.... or maybe even a couple of margaritas!!!)



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When do you expect to hear? Did you apply to many schools?

I'm terrified of being rejected, too. I haven't thought of what I will do if I get a rejection letter. :( :(


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I will cry...i think just cry


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I only applied to one school. I am wicked nervous about it. I think if I am accepted I will cry like a lil baby! lol.


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I only applied to one too - it's the only affordable BSN program in my area. They only look at GPA and I know mine should be good enough, but it changes every year so I have no guarantee until that letter is in my hand. They're no going out until the last week in March though, for a May start. I am definitely walking to my neighborhood pub and crawling home when it comes though!


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Call my husband first . . . then my mom . . . and definitely go out to dinner to celebrate! With dessert!

Unfortunately, it's probably slim chance of my getting in for the fall because I'm still working on my prereqs, so it'll probably be another year!



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I told a strange woman that I loved her :D

Good luck :)


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I'm with kluellen. I'd call my husband and mom right away and then everybody else I know! And then I'd probably have to call them all again later that night after the initial excitement subsides so that they can actually understand what it was I had said to them the first time ;)


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I'll just die if I get accepted lol. I'll probably go to a spa cuz I've never been to one, go to a nice italian restaurant mmmm, and buy some cute clothes.