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What do you use to secure og tube and edi cath for babies on Niv Nava?


Hi all

I'm looking for some suggestions on how to secure the og tube and edi catheter for babies on NivNAva. We currently use a piece of tegaderm then a steristrip around each tube then a top piece of tegaderm. The babies usually have it slobbered out within a few hours. I don't think it's safe, especailly for babies on continuous feeds. And its frustrating to the nurses. After 3 nights with 2 babies on NivNava, I never want to tape another og tube again. Tell me what y'all do in your NICUs.

adventure_rn, BSN

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LOL, yeah it's a huge pain.

I've never found a better way, though. Just keep a really close eye on them, stick them back in when they tongue them out, and retape/reinforce q 3-ish...

Sometimes it helps to tape in the corner of the mouth instead of the center since it gets a tad bit less slobbery.


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Does your unit have extra strips of the pulse ox tape? I use it to secure TP tubes and it works great— absorbs moisture better than a steri strip would.


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I use 3M ETT tape. I chevron the EDI with the tape and then cover with Tegaderm. We don't normally use an additional OG tube. We use the feed lumen on the EDI catheter.

TiffyRN, ADN, BSN, PhD

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Not familiar with the niv-nava but kind of have an idea from internet searches. Maybe lay down a square or rectangle of duoderm on the chin for stability, then use H-cut tape with one half on the duoderm and the the other half wrapping around your tubes (we've used it before to secure 2 OGs when the baby requires continuous venting and feeding. Then cover the chin section with about 1/2 a tegaderm. Optional to lay the tubes flat against the chin (not sure the implications for your edi cath). Sometimes works fine to allow the tubes to stick straight out from the mouth but I prefer they are secured under the tegaderm on the chin as they are the tiniest bit less susceptible to being grabbed. With a really slobbery kid, this might only last 3-6 hours but usually longer than straight tape on chin. 

HyperSaurus, RN, BSN

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ET tape with cuts from the outside towards the middle (not all the way). Top strip goes on the upper lip like a mustache and the bottom strip you take both ends and wrap around the OG in a barber-pole pattern. 

NICUorbust, ADN

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Duoderm underneath, ETT tape chevroned around and taped down to duoderm with tegaderm on top.