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  1. Hi all I'm looking for some suggestions on how to secure the og tube and edi catheter for babies on NivNAva. We currently use a piece of tegaderm then a steristrip around each tube then a top piece of tegaderm. The babies usually have it slobbered out within a few hours. I don't think it's safe, especailly for babies on continuous feeds. And its frustrating to the nurses. After 3 nights with 2 babies on NivNava, I never want to tape another og tube again. Tell me what y'all do in your NICUs.
  2. I've been a nurse in the level 3 NICU since January. One of my biggest issues is turning intubated babies. I am terrified of an unplanned extubation. The more experienced nurses in my unit tell me that you just get used to doing it. I've been asking an RT for help when my babies need to be turned, but they are getting frustrated at my requests for help, which I understand. I was hoping some of you would have some tips for turning these babies?
  3. JJ1994

    What are your call requirements??

    We don't have any call requirements. When our census goes up, they text or call whoever is off and ask us to work. I think it would be nice to have call because I get text almost every time I'm off and it kinda gets annoying. I would much rather know I'm on call so I don't get disappointed when I don't get me day off
  4. Hello! I'm about to start my 9th month in a level 2 nicu. This is my first nursing job. We also have a level 3 unit and I'm wondering how much nicu 2 experience I should get before talking to my manager about going over to level 3. Ive learned alot in nicu 2 and I'm still learning but I feel like the opportunities for gaining new skills are becoming more limited. I haven't been able to get any practice with inserting IVs and I rarely get babies with fluids or oxygen. My night is pretty routine. Weigh the babies, change clothes and bedding, do the feedings, and draw labs when needed. I want to learn how to handle IVs and get experience with more sick babies. My goal is to eventually work at a childrens hospital that handles surgery cases and ecmo but I feel like I'm behind and I won't ever be able to get there.
  5. I'm a new nurse, just 8 months in. I think you might be a little disappointed when you graduate if you're expecting a low stress job with great pay. I work in the nicu and while I absolutely love babies and enjoy most aspects of my job, I want to cry everytime I think of work because the stress of knowing that 3-4 lives are dependent on me for a whole night is a lot. I have the best coworkers, great managment, and usually time for a meal break. The best part is I've never had a patient bigger than 12 pounds! Despite all that, I'm stressed. I couldn't even imagine the stress a lot of new grad nurses who go into adult floor nursing have. I see a lot of posts on here about people who have horrible management and don't have time to eat or pee. The pay isn't anything to write home about either. I make 21.50/hr. It's enough for me to afford all the necessities, save some, and get to enjoy occasional trips or meals out but I don't have a family to support. But im a new nurse and don't expect to make too much because my skills arent that valuable yet. As a new grad, your should be happy to get a job that let's you get some experience. I'm sure any job is less stressful when you know what you're doing and when you have experience youl be worth a lot more.
  6. JJ1994

    Conversing with parents in NICU

    Hi everyone I am a new grad nicu nurse. I am finishing up orientation now and the one issue preceptors keep mentioning is my lack of conversation with parents. I tend to give parents an update on their childs condition and answer questions but don't really talk to them otherwise. I'm a shy person and I suck at small talk. However, I want to get better at it so I can be a better nurse. How do you start conversations with parents and what are some common topics you discuss? How do you know when enough talking is enough? Any other tips on how to be a better nurse to the parents?
  7. JJ1994

    Dress Codes for School

    I hate the argument that dress codes shame girls. I think It's ridiculous. Boys generally don't wear spaghetti straps or short shorts to school so they're not gonna get dinged for it. They should be banned from showing boxers and wearing those tank tops that show their sides and most schools do ban those in the dress code. And the idea that boys shouldn't look at girls who have their assets hanging out is also ridiculous. If you come out in public with something on display, the public has the right to look at it. If a good looking man comes out with no shirt or no pants, I'm probably gonna sneak a peek. I don't expect teenage boys to be any different. When i was 18, I didn't wear short denim shorts and crop tops for comfort, I wore them cause I thought I looked sexy and I wanted the boys to look. I don't believe any girl who tells me that type of outfit is for comfort. Cotton Bermudas are much more comfortable but I don't see young girls lining up for a pair. I don't think it's abnormal for teenage girls to want to look sexy and I don't think it's abnormal for the boys to admire but it's not appropriate for school.
  8. Hi everyone im getting ready to graduate in December and I am really trying to land a nicu or nursery job. I have gotten some job offers in my area but they are for adult med/surg. I really hate adult med/surg so I'm hoping I can get something else. Im willing to move anywhere after graduation (and I mean literally anywhere if it means a job working with infants). However, I don't have the time or money to go to a bunch of out of state interviews. I was hoping people could post hospitals that they know do video interviews. I've found a few but it's been really hard since its not usually readily advertised.
  9. I am in the middle of my senior preceptorship on the icu. My preceptor is nice but she wasn't expecting to be a preceptor and I don't think she liles me very much. However, she is always professional and she has taught me a lot. I'm concerned because she explains everything to me, even the most basic things. I always listen attentively because I don't want to be a know it all because I know there's a lot I don't know. However, I don't want to fail because she think I don't know anything at all. I don't know how to look at the situation
  10. We're wearing white dresses with the tights and cap. I think it looks so much more professional and commands more respect than scrubs and I'm really excited to get to wear it.
  11. JJ1994

    Wearing skirts as a nurse

    I'm not a nurse yet just a student but I think you have to decide what's more important to you. I don't live with my parents because I don't want to live by their rules and as long as you live with your parents, I believe they have the right to make the rules they want followed in their household. I wore scrub pants my first two semesters and then learned we had a skirt option for our clinical uniform and now I wear that most of the time. I'm not religious but I'm more comfortable in skirts. We have to get a certain brand and style for clinicals and the pants just don't fit me well. I wear tights and a pair of tight shorts under the skirt and it works great. I can bend or move anyway I want and I feel more covered than I do in the pants because I don't worry about getting plumbers crack.
  12. JJ1994

    I'm bored

    In my opinion, nursing school content isn't hard. There's just a lot of it and some assignments, like care plans, are very time consuming. I thought nursing school was boring too until clinicals started and i had juggle lectures, labs, clinicals, and seminar plus the studying and assignments. Now I understand how sacred a slow weekend really is.
  13. Hi everyone Im in my last semester of nursing school. My goal is to be a nicu nurse. I know that can be hard as a new grad but I'm applying to some residency programs along with some other jobs in case nicu doesn't work out. I was really hoping to do my preceptorship in nicu but that is not an option. I was hoping to get some advice on what floor might make me more competitive when applying for jobs. We can select our top three from er, med surg, oncology, a couple different types of ICUs, mother/baby, and pediatrics. I was thinking I should list peds as my first choice and mother/baby as my second. But i also thought that icy experience might be best. There is another hospital we can go to that would be mother baby/l&d/nursery but it's pretty far and I don't drive so I would be spending a lot on cabs. But if thats the best option, I would be willing to do that. Please help
  14. I think it's important to take responsibility for yourself. You have to accept your faults and work on them. Some of my classmates blame the professor for things they mess up because they didn't read the syllabus or didn't read the assignment. We're in college and we don't need everything spoon fed to us. Also, put yourself first. It's nice to help your classmates when you can and everyone should be supportive of each other. But we have to take nclex alone and we're going to be competing against each other for jobs. Don't feel obligated to join study groups that don't help you just because others ask you to and don't get involved with the people who are known for being disrespectful. Test taking skills are also very important. The material in nursing school isn't hard but the tests can be. Reading questions thoroughly and comprehending them is vital. If you understand the pathophysiology behind things, you can often figure out the answer.
  15. I think some of these comments are a little harsh. She's 17, not 39. I had a similar situation. My mom didn't think me being able to drive and work was important so she never taught me. I paid for my own lessons but never got enough practice to be proficient because my mom wouldn't let me practice in her car. I had no money to get a car. There was no public transportation when I lived at home and the only place close enough to walk to was an elementary school which wasn't going to hire a 16 year old. I got a full scholarship and came to college right before I turned 17. I needed my mom's signature for EVERYTHING. It's not easy to just be independent as a minor, especially when your parents didn't help you develop the skills to be independent. At least this girl is trying. OP, I know it's hard to leave family behin but once you're 18, you might need to go to a school farther away so you can have more opportunities.
  16. JJ1994

    Help to improve my written work..!

    I think the important thing to remember is that writing is not like a conversation. If possible, take another English or writing course. I'm assuming you've already done English 1 and 2 but most colleges have other writing classes where you can get a lot of practice and helpful feedback. I took to writing pretty easily but struggle with punctuation. When i came to college, I spent some hours in the writing lab where a tutor helped me work on it and I do a lot better at it now. If your school has something like that, it could be very helpful.

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