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What do you think is toughest shift


if you work in a nursing home as a nurse or aide what you think is the toughest shift.

7-3 shift

3-11 shift

11-7 shift


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I hated 7-3.

It (to me) was the most difficult because you were having to get people up, get most of the showers done, deal with breakfast AND lunch on top of changing and toileting people. Although the shift goes by quickly, for me it was always the most difficult and strenuous.

I really liked 3-11. There are just a few showers left to give, dinner, and then getting people ready for bed (as well as changing and toileting, of course).

11-7 is the easiest (if you can stay up all night) because generally everyone is sleeping and you only really need to answer lights and toilet and change/reposition people. I enjoyed this shift too, but it was inconvenient not to be able to sleep at night.

As a CNA: 7-3.... lots of lifting and two meals to serve.

As an LPN: 7-3 lots of labs, doctor calls, orders to put through... etc and it's the shift state comes in on! Haha.

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As a CNA: 7-3. Like and above poster mentioned, there are 2 meals to serve. Days was expected to get all the baths done too. In a nursing home, am care is hard work getting the residents up and dressed and ready for breakfast.

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As an aide, night shift is the hardest in my opinion because I'm tired (even though I've been on night shift for two months now) and when I sit down I don't want to get back up haha. I have less patience on night shift for some reason. It also sucks that I'm not actually taking care of my residents and their ADLs. I almost cried this morning because one of the residents said that she misses seeing me :(

Day shift is pretty easy because it goes by quick. It seems overwhelming but it's fast paced and you don't even know where the time goes. The only thing is having to deal with management. Also, all the crabby old nurses and aides work day shift.

Evening shift is my favorite because all my favorite aides and nurses work evening shift :) it's also more laid back than day shift but not nearly as laid back as night shift (that's a good thing) finishing early is always fun.

ETA: In my facility, day and evening shift usually each have two-three baths to give per hallway. Day shift often is able to pass a bath down to evening shift if they're not able to get it done @_@ so the only part that is more physically challenging on day shift is that you have to get up and put down everyone twice before and after meals.

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Which shift is the most difficult in a nursing home? Well, I'd say it depends on your personality and work habits.

The 7-3pm shift was the most difficult for me, personally. I am an introvert with a reserved personality, so I disliked mingling with management, doctors, families, and other members of the multidisciplinary team. All of these people are there during the day, bothering the nurse incessantly.

Many people struggle greatly with the 11-7am shift because they feel they do not receive the same degree of recognition and validation as their day shift coworkers. However, that's the beauty of night shift for me: I can fly under the radar because I'd rather not be noticed by management.

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You're asking us to compare apples to oranges to grapes.

7-3: killer med passes, way too many suits, the bulk of treatments, rapid-fire interruptions, two meals to serve/feed/supervise, cranky families. Plus state inspectors land on 7-3 shifts like the marines at Normandy. In my state, this happens yearly.

3-11: less staff, more sundowning, most admissions, harder to get new med orders delivered timely, med passes only slightly less killer, roughest on family/social life (IMO), more falls, suits still lurking early on, more family visiting after they get off work.

11-7: least staff, ongoing sundowning that might or might not have been handled effectively earlier, more routine maintenance chores, minimal support when a resident's condition goes sideways, most difficult time to reach providers, no - they don't sleep all night, unnatural wake-sleep cycle w/ higher risks of long-term damage to health.

Pick your poison.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

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I think the 7-3 was the hardest. Between families, extra staff, and management, I was overwhelmed. 3-11 was tough with social events. I never worked the overnight shift in LTC. I know they were dumped on a lot by stuff that "couldn't" get done by day shift staff. The bonus for them was missing ALL of the extra people that everyone else has to deal with. I don't think there is an "easy" shift and I think personality plays a large role in what someone prefers.

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Yes I guess 7-3 shift would be the hardest or busiest to work. Each shift has its challenges but I guess 7-3 would be the craziest. 3-11 would be not as crazy but still decently busy. 11-7 would be easier to work if you can deal with lack of sleep.

As a nurse, I've worked all shifts. I work twelves and I believe 7a-7p is the most difficult. 5 med passes, 3 meals, 20+ txs a day, labs, orders, family members. And not to mention administration breathing down your neck every 10 minutes.

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They all have their difficulties and I think it comes down to what each person likes. Some thrive on the business of day shift. I prefer to stay away from day shift. I work overnight as a CNA and I found that was not good for me in that in the winter, you don't see daylight and I need that. I love my 2-10 shift.