What do you all think of hybrid nursing courses?


My local community college has put their RN lecture courses on the web. You still have to do clinicals and lab in person (of course). This is the first year for this, so they don't have any information regarding course or Nclex pass rates. What do you all think of hybrid nursing courses?

Anyone have experience with them? It would save me a bundle of time by working at home on the lecture portion. However, I don't want to set myself up to fail if that many of you had not so good experiences with them.




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wow sounds kind of scary to me. :idea: this summer during ob a lot of us (in my nursing class) agreed that the course could have been done online. the instructor read directly from the book. for the rest of the lecture i have taken so far i truly appreciate the in person lecture. it keeps you focused and informed on what would or will be stressed during test time, it also helps to explain the things you may have not understood while reading the text.

if you are able to stay focused at home and stay on task then maybe its for you. good luck whatever you choose.;)


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Personally, I love online classes. 3/4 of my first degree was done online and about half of my nursing classes are online. As long as you're able to keep yourself focused and can stay on top of the reading you'll be fine. It can be harder to figure out what the tests will cover as opposed to face to face class but the instructors I've had have always been willing to answer questions and point you in the right direction. Most online classes utilize a forum or scheduled chat for open disscussion, questions and daily or weekly topics.

Best of luck to you! :)


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I don't have any experience with hybrid nursing courses yet but I have taken quite a few pre-reqs online. I really like online classes because it seems more flexible and you can do your classwork whenever it fits into your day. The bad thing is that you need to be motivated and keep yourself on track, it is easy to fall behind.

The accelerated nursing program I will be starting will be using the hybrid format for some of the classes. Some of the lecture portions will be online but of course we have to meet in person a few times a week for labs & clinicals.

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I'm in an online RN to BSN program and am learning a lot.

Our local community college has this component with a group of people, under a state supported program that even gives the PDA's. I'm not sure how it is working out. It's a shame they aren't offering an option because not everyone learns best this way. Some need more structure to be able to focus.

I would have missed the time with peers and the real life experience of the instructors during lecture telling us what they've seen in the real world that relates to the lecture. But the real stuff you have to know can be learned online and I think you will be just fine.

Good luck!


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I am in an MSN program and a lot of the basic courses are online or in DVD format. I find that when I do have to attend a regular IRL course, I am inpatient and do not learn as well. I like being able to rewind or pause the DVD to look up pertinent information and I like being able to post discussion questions or concerns on the web based bulletin board at my convenience.

You have to be self-motivated and have initiative to keep up with the class, but I have found I do best that way. Obviously a course that requires advanced clinical skills,etc. could not be taught on line.

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