What is the start wage for a GN in your province?

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The start wage for a graduate nurse in Ontario is $22/hour. Seems wonderful to me (my highest wage was $10/hour with my high school diploma), but I have heard others that think this is low. What's the starting wage in other provinces?


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It's low if you are in Toronto;)

In BC it was 24 something last I looked.


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Nowhere near Toronto... I am located close to the Ontario/Manitoba border where the cost of living is much lower than it is in TO


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Lucky you:) Unfortunately I think I would starve to death if I lived anywhere that didn't have takeout available 24/7:) I think that's the only downside of having a provincial wage set (cost of living is not taken into account at all).


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This is a list of wages that I got off http://www.canadianrn.com

They have not updated it in a few years

British Columbia $24.70 to $32.42

Alberta $23.75 to $30.11

Saskatchewan $19.29 to $23.44

Manitoba$20.46 to $24.12

Ontario $20.50 to $30.24

Québec $16.04 to $23.30

New Brunswick $17.93 to $21.83

Nova Scotia $19.52 to $22.91

Prince Edward Island $17.69 to $21.55

Newfoundland $16.83 to $20.82

Wages based on Provincial Collective Agreements. Shift premiums and benefits not included.

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Originally posted by LydiaGreen

Nowhere near Toronto... I am located close to the Ontario/Manitoba border where the cost of living is much lower than it is in TO

Hey Lydia! Do you live in the Lake of The Woods area? Whiteshell? Love that area!


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My mother lives in Kenora (on Lake of the Woods)... I live a hop, skip, and a jump away, but still definitely in sunset country. We have some of the greatest fishing ANYWHERE, especially if you like walleye (pickerel). Yummy stuff. Beautiful country. I love it here... born and raised... but, if I can't get a full-time job within two years of graduation... I would consider Alberta (if I had to). Also very beautiful there in the Rycroft, Spirit River area - north of Grande Prairie. Their weather is very similar to our's so that wouldn't be a huge adjustment and the wages are comparable if not better than those in Ontario (thanks, Nurseman, for the post of wages, I appreciate it).


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Hmm Enjoying our cold snap Lydia LOL. I am finishing up the Rn program here at Confederation College in Thunder Bay. I have an interview at a Hospital in New york, and one in California today. With weather like this I am leaning toward California lol. I am from Manitouwadge myself and I have relatives in Atikokan and yes it is beautiful country up here, the cold and snow suck when ya don't have a ski-doo though.


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hi, the start wage for GN in sask is $24.70. i gusses is same as BC ,. :chuckle


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:imbar :imbar Well...in Quebec we get $17.53 an hour...What the heck am I doing here?! :confused: :rolleyes:


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Hey Saskie,

How do the job prospects look there? I am hoping to move back this year. I'm excited at the prospect!


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hi - just a follow up question

where can i find a site where there's an official salary survey posted - the lastest in canada if not the whole world?

it's my homework for our school's career fair...


thanks in advance

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