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  1. Heartattaq

    Pulseless patients: shock or drugs

    Speaking of shocks we had an amazing case over the weekend. Person came in with complaints of chest pain talking it up with the nurse then nose dive, started the pulseless VT/VF algorithm when all was said and done the pt was blasted 24 times and every ACLS drug known to man was given the patient did make it and was rushed to the cath lab for a pacer, it was unreal.
  2. Heartattaq

    Nurse Patient Ratios in the ED?

    in our emerg dept critical care- 4-6 pt's (we are pushing for 3-4 max) decision making and admitted waiting for beds- 5 pts Trauma: 2-3 pts Resucitation- 2-3 Ped's Resus/special procedure/2 isolation rooms- 4 pts Sub Acute- 3-9 pts Fast Track anywhere from 1-10
  3. Heartattaq

    New Grad

    I hope so because I just got hired out of school into Emerg lol. In all seriousness, I think going directly into a specialty is a huge learning curve but if you apply yourself, read as much as you can and ask alot of questions you will survive.
  4. I graduate May 9th and start May 25th. I have been doing my final preceptor for the last 2 months, and have found my favorite spot to work. I love Emerg. I love going in the morning and hate leaving when it is over. The staff I have worked with have been amazing and so helpful it has been a great experience. And I think I have had one of the best preceptors ever made. She has been amazing and really helped my transition to Emerg nursing from floor nursing. coming to Emerg form regular clinicals was like starting school all over again but she helped me get through, and really pick up well. Anyhow, I am extremely psyched and can't wait to get started. Oh and it is a full time position which is :balloons: :biggringi
  5. Heartattaq

    What do you bring home with you?

    ETOH wipes. #16 gauge angiocath, 3 bottles of Lovenox, 1 bottle of humulin N, an empty bottle of Cefazolin, some 2x2's and 4x4s, a 4-0 silk suture, some Saline flush syringes. a couple of IV end caps, a NG tube stopper, a bottle of lidocaine, some EMLA patches.......................... Wow I think I will stop there. I could have a pretty nice First Aid kit.
  6. Heartattaq

    cardiac drips?

    good info to know as I was unsure what rate would start showing circulatory and conduction side effects. Although my drug guide says there is a possibility of renal side effects at 20 mics. Thank you for the site link looks like a good one. I am still curious as to what the ECG was reading pre and post dope drip though
  7. Heartattaq

    cardiac drips?

    What ethnicity were they, I find it odd that he was allergic to all pain meds. I am just curious if there was some sort of cultural bias against them or something. What kind of rhythm was he in when he arrived was there anything abnormal with the rhythm?, and did you notice a change to the rhythm after increasing the Dopamine to 30 mics? The reason I ask is I wonder if dopamine can start causing arrythmias are conduction abnormalities at 30 mics as that is a side effect
  8. Heartattaq

    cardiac drips?

    Out of curiosity what were his baseline vitals enroute to ambulance, and the set you took before starting nitro? Was there any indication BP was dropping. Also what was the nitro started at?
  9. Heartattaq

    Dad's stent Surgery-help please

    First things first. So you are saying the pain is in his leg where they introduce the catheter right, and not in his chest area where the stent was placed? If it is in his leg is the pain right at the site of insertion or farther down? Does it occur at rest at anytime as well. Are there any other triggers other than walking. Does he notice it only at certain times of the day? Or if he has been on his feet long? Did it just occur or has it been occuring since he had the surgery?
  10. Heartattaq

    Male coworkers harrassing female staff...

    Take it directly to human resources and demand something be done. alot of great advice has been handed on this thread I suggest very strongly that you take some of it, and go to them ASAP. he may be putting his hands around your waist right now, but please do not let it get past that point. You may think that he would never take it further, but just when you atrt to think that is when it happens. Take care of yourself and your well being, you do not deserve that treament nor asked for it. And ifall else fails and noone will listen to you, next time he tries to touch you kick him in the junk. (please take the last comment tongue in cheek) but please follow this matter ASAP
  11. Heartattaq

    Will I be judged on my past?

    I hope that on a professional level people are able to look past your scars and see the potential you have, and when you graduate the professional you are. On a people level I am not so optimistic. Like someone above said, humans are humans. and unfortunately sometimes human's ignorance clouds better judgement. All I can say is good luck in school, I am glad you have found other ways to deal with your problems, and I wish you all the best, nursing is definitely a profession that can leave you with a ton of self satisfaction. :) I don't know if I personally would take the direction of hiding what they were and tring to change the subject if asked about it, unfortunately that only allows people to form their own opinion of their origin and breeds suspicion. I would never bring the subject up as a form of attention seeking, but if were asked I think I would be open and honest, but also make it clear that it was a very different time in my life, and that I have grown and have learned to deal with things in other ways.
  12. Heartattaq

    What is wrong with this patient? Help Please!!

    That is what I was thinking. As for the continuing in elevation of WBC's I would wonder if she is going septic, or if there is some peritonitis from a possible slow bile leak into the abdomen from somewhere. You did say they had a hard time getting the gallbladder out right? Hard for me to say without having all the papers in front of me to see what everything is and has been doing over time.
  13. Heartattaq

    Nurses earning over $100K in Ontario

    The Rn I am working with as my emerg preceptor is on that list. She worksin Emerg, has been a nurse for 18 years and works loads of hours. Pretty cool to know you can make that much if you work your butt off.
  14. Heartattaq

    Nurses and smoking

    Bottom line it is everyones choice whether they want to or not, and i respect that 100 percent. My opinion though is another matter lol. As a nurse I don't think it holds much weight to instruct say a cardiac patient on the necessity of quitting smoking because it greatly benefits health, and then go out and blaze one up. Also when I was a patient with my ulcerative colitis, nothing was more disgusting then the smell on the clothes and breath of a nurse who was in caring for me when I could barely move, after one of their smoke breaks, it was nasty. But to each his own, it is your body, do to it whatever you choose.
  15. Heartattaq

    Working Nights

    I worked full time for about a year straight. After about 4 weeks I was able to get off work at 7 am stay up until 3 or 4 pm, and then sleep from then until I had to go to work for the next night shift. So my body got quite used to it. But I am sure it is relative for everyone.
  16. Heartattaq

    Diabetes Cure: How far away are we?

    Nowadays where morals have gone to the wayside of the almighty dollar. I would bet the farm we are a long ways away. Medical and pharmaceutical businesses today are more concerned with treating than curing people IMO. There is just too many people with Diabetes and too much money being made from oral diabetic agents and insulin that I don't thinkn they are trying to hard to find a cure. Just my opinion though.