What is your personal record for babies delivered in a shift?

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  1. Most deliveries you've attended in a 12 hour shift?

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What is the most deliveries you've attended in a 12 hour shift? Just wondering:)


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My PERSONAL record? I personally delivered ONE....however how many I attended where the DR/Midwife did the delivery, it was , I simply cannot recall. it was certainly more than SIX my friend.:)


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Did 7 in 9 hours one shift. It was INSANITY!!!

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I just did 4 in 4 hours.

(Ok, I should mention that it was 2 sets of twins back to back!!)

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Personally, 2 w/ me and another nurse w/o the good ole' doc, but I think 4 would be about right for a 12 hr. shift. That's alot for our small hosptial. We have 1 delivery table, which was there when God was a boy, and a birthing room (which is what we use most of the time) It's hard to stack them up for us, but it has happened!

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Most delivered in one shift : 7 with one doc and myself - and it was a 4 bed unit! By halfway through the shift, as we set up stretchers behind folding screens, all we could do was look at each other and laugh! With deliveries and more coming in we never had less than 8 women at any time that night.

Most delivered by ME in one shift: 2 (this involved a doc who slept VERY soundly and was told by me that in the future he had to stay awake when working with me!)


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The other night I worked for 4 hours of overtime and had 2 babies in that time. (overall, we had 20 babies that night). But in a regular 12 hour shift, I once had 4 deliveries. I didn't much like it.


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My personal best was 3 in a 30 min time period which is etched in my memory forever! I was cleaning up baby in rm 1, handed him to dad, rushed next door and caught baby in rm 2 and did a quick clean up (thankfully both were normal uncomplicated deliveries). About 10 min with mom and off to nursery and in comes mom #3 who went like greased lightening and delivered less than 20 min after she hit the bed! Needless to say I was charting for quite a while and the next pt held our for the night shift!


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This week I personally delivered one in 8 minutes flat. Even had an IV and I was wearing gloves......Cord clamped, placenta presenting when everyone else arrived... Not a personal best but it made for good conversation in the unit.


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If you are asking how many births I attended (and had to chart on!) that would be 6 in a 12 hour shift.

If you are asking how many total deliveries on our unit in a 12 hour shift it would have to be 21....and that rate continued onto the next shift. Needless to say , no one signed on for any OT that week


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We do over 3100 deliveries/year......One 24 hour period we did 23 deliveries.....


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I attended 2 births my one day in L & D clinicals last Tuesday. What a lucky break, some students get one the whole rotation :D

I can't wait to see what happens next week!

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